snowblindness is a good word. that and rococo. and calenture, of course. oh, and plethora. i will use these words in a sentence now:

Upon Jillians return from the Caribbean she had severe calenture from the heat and mild snowblindness from the white glow of the sand; the only cure for her maladies being viewing a plethora of rococo paintings. 

okay, it’s a bit of a run-on… but still. challenge successful! 

Owl hermit on a sunday

today has been weird. I woke up before ten (early for me) chilled in bed for a while, decided to shower and go to a cafe.

After i pumped up my bike tires,I got to the cafe and realized reading is not nearly as stressful on my eyes, right before i realize i hated everyone in the cafe and wanted to be home.

I grabbed food on the way home, ate, cuddled up on my couch and got ready to read, turned my jazz radio on spotify to low volume, and fell asleep for 3 hours and now I am here, about to go grab coffee and savor the last 5 hours of my waking freedom before work tomorrow. 

I kinda just want to read but i could also go for some chatting with tumblr comrades.

Anyways, im gonna go grab some coffee and then stay home for the night.

I love the northeast … Virginia is beautiful, Pennsylvania is gorgeous, I love NYC and the coast and having the actual seasons … but ENOUGH with the snow already! I am officially OVER winter! #winterinPA #snow #cabinfever #snowblindness (at Carlisle Barracks)

Cafe disillusionment

Left the cafe cause I felt alienated.

Plus I realized I’ve been straining my eyes to read, but now that I have new glasses my eyes are relaxed and able to focus more easily.

I’m gonna stay home and snuggle with books and jazz music today.


WORLD’S FIRST SUNGLASSES: Referred to as snow goggles, they were made from bone, leather or wood, designed to protect the eyes from snowblindness caused by bright spring sunlight. The first goggles date back 2000 years to the Old Bering Sea culture, who were the ancestors of the modern Inuit. Snow goggles came to Canada with the Inuit about 800 years ago. This example is from north Baffin, is walrus ivory, made between 1200-1600 AD.

Ageless Oblivion, Alunah, Knock Out Kaine and more for BLOODSTOCK!



So I started playing Skyrim again

This time with mods!

This is great cuz the graphics card I just got put in my comp can actually handle making a game like Skyrim run at top settings, plus the mods that make things like the grass and flowers and snow and stuff like that look all realistic and shit.

But there’s one I’m gonna have to deactivate, cuz goddamn.

One of them (I don’t know which yet so I’ma have to go on a hunt later tonight) makes the daylight super fucking bright and the nighttime super fucking dark.

Like, you can get snowblindness with this mod on, and you literally cannot see your weapon in front of your face at night.

This is really cool for immersion purposes, but also not. See, I walk everywhere unless it would just be fucking tedious and I’ve already been to that place within the past hour or so because I like wandering around in ES games and taking in the scenery, plus random road encounters are good for experience. 

Unfortunately, with this mod on, I can’t see at night. At all. I was also having trouble coming across torches, so for like two hours I had to restrict all my travel to daytime. Then I got the bright idea to just go to the Winterhold Mage’s college and buy the candlelight spell, which is basically a portable re-castable torch that runs for about a minute or so. This I accomplished forthwith, after mucking about with the University’s admissions board for a bit.

Then, on the way back to my home in Whiterun to drop off all my sweet loot, during the nighttime while constantly recasting Candlelight so I can see (barely, it gives you about a five-foot or so sight radius around your character, then it’s a fucking wall of darkness like in a horror game or some shit), I ran into at least one giant fucking snow tiger, an assassin, a master vampire and three thralls, a frostbite spider bigger than I was, and a group of three very well-equipped mercenaries who wanted to ‘teach me a lesson’. 

So after trying and failing to fight in the absolute and complete darkness not known outside of the void of space then running around like an idiot trying to recast my sight spell so I could keep fighting, it became apparent that this mod has to go. It’s all well and good to have a mod that makes the days brighter and the nights darker but this is not a good one because it literally cripples you at night unless you have a constant light source. Might as well wander around Skyrim blindfolded. Nothing else has trouble seeing you, but good fucking luck finding them when your spell runs out.

Will update later with name of mod once I find the goddamned thing so others don’t accidentally blind themselves too. 

Daredevil Fic Recs

So this show has stolen my soul with a vengeance and I’ve been reading EVERYTHING about my boys Murdock and Nelson with a side helping of Karen and Claire.

Snowblind by sivib - Matt & Foggy bromance
“I hate snow,” said Matt.

Nelson’s Anatomy by el_spirito Matt & Foggy, Hurt/comfort/friendship
Or, How Foggy Nelson Practically Became an MD

The Devil’s Due by ALittleWhosthis - Matt Murdock angst
Nothing, a great steady flow of the blackness of his senses creeping into his veins until all the world and Matt, too, had been blotted out but for the tattoo of his own heart.

Invisible Distances by WerewolvesAreReal Matt & Foggy
Foggy has been treating Matt differently since the revelation of his vigilante-activities.

The Blind Man’s Ways(series) by rangopornstar - Matt Murdock, Matt & Foggy
An introspective series on being Daredevil, how it feels, and it’s fallout

Calamity Physics by Beguile (edgetheow) Matt & Foggy & Karen
“Damn it, Matt! Stop saying crazy things because of drugs!”
Or: why Matt’s heightened senses and prescription painkillers don’t mix.

Vigil by poisonivory- Matt & Foggy
Foggy just found his best friend on the floor dressed like the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, and nothing makes sense anymore. 

I See Said the Blind Man by latbfan - Matt & Foggy
Missing Scene from Matt’s apartment between “Speak of the Devil” (1.9) and “Nelson V. Murdock” (1.10), or Foggy finally meets Hotty McBurner Phone.

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