I do understand
Not everyone has the luxury
Of soaking in the late rising
Of the northern sun

Is it worth the iced Hades
Of six months of winter
To see these paintings
Splattered across the sky…

It’s the precious momentary
Reward for the penetrating depression
Strung across our faces by the
Long shadows and our skin
Paled into freckleless frost tones
Our hair fading into shades untouched
By the sun and our ears and cheeks singed and scorched
By the cold’s harsh toothless bite
Our eyes, punctured by shades of
Snowblind murk-green & white & grey

I’m bursting in a bubble of panic
As my feet begin sliding into the sticky
Black slick of late summer
Yet I discover
I’ve missed these elaborate paintings
Of dawn & dusk

But the Evernight

This dreadful hole…

Is it worth the harsh extremes
Endless days flipping over into
Endless nights
Explosions of green lush ground
Ripe with mosquitoes biting, twisting into
The Dark Room that produces
Black & white frames, frame upon frame,
The turning whir of the film, for what feels endlessly sputtering—
Slapping as the reel spins
On & on,

Oh, that forgetful someone, didn’t shut it off after they’d left the room!

So we sit and wait, in a black anxiousness, waiting-waiting

And the sun’s rise & fall
Becomes the abstract light show
We watch,
To be kept from falling endlessly
Upon these shadowed floors

—Itziar Verría

39/365 on Flickr.

Über Flickr:
Vogtland Arena

Skisprunganlage am Schwarzberg in Klingenthal, Sachsen (Germany)

In summer 2006 the most modern ski jump in Europe located at the foot of the mountain Schwarzberg was opened. Since then it offers attractive training and competition conditions to both national and international athletes. In addition, the ski jump area is used for cultural big events throughout the year.
(reference (2014): www.weltcup-klingenthal.eu )

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