Ok so here is a preview of a new Stale imagine I am writing :) I have another requested one in the process!

You know those relationships that parents never approve of? Where they hate the guy you are dating because of some absurd reason? Ya well that is me. My parents hate Stale and everything he does. They won’t even go as far as to let him into the house. We are not technically official “boyfriend” and “girlfriend,” but my parents can see that coming so they have already developed a distaste towards him.

I was laying in my bed reading a sappy romantic book and listening to the waves crash onto the beach. You could say that I was in a slump. I had not talked or received a text from Stale in 3 or 4 days… which was very unusual for him. During boarding season it was different because he was always traveling so I was used to it, but it was summer and he was in one place for more than a week so I expected him to keep in contact. But no, not one word in 3 days. Of course I had been keeping myself busy. My family has a house on the beach so I spent most of the summer exploring the land and surfing.

I was about to put the book down and go to sleep when I got a text. Deciding to ignore it and go to sleep I marked the page in my book and put it on my bedside table, where a picture of Stale and I sit. It was my absolute favorite picture. He had one arm draped around my shoulder while I was whispering something into my ear that was clearly making both of us laugh because both of our heads were thrown back, smiles on our faces. A friend had taken the picture and given it to me for my birthday.

My phone went off again, so I picked it up thinking it may be something important. In fact it was. It was a text from stale.

Look out your window love