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More Than Friends

More Than Friends Part 2

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Thanks Craig (Mark Mcmorris Imagine)

It had been a rough day to say the least. Actually rough would be an understatement. Right now you were sitting in a hospital bed with a broken foot. Not even an hour earlier, you were riding the slopestyle course with Mark and had landed just short of a jump. You landed with all of your weight on your left leg, causing you to roll down the rest of the slope making a fool of yourself.

That brought you to the current situation you were in. Mark had promised to come and visit you after he had finished his qualifying run. He wanted to drop out and come with you to the hospital but you demanded that he stay and do his run.  You were bummed that you could not watch your boyfriend do what he loved best, but were glad that it was you sitting in the hospital out for the rest of the season instead of him.

You hear your phone go off and reach to the side table to see who it is. It was a text from Mark. That’s strange. He was supposed to be competing right now. You knew for a fact that he always had his phone on airplane mode during a competition just in case someone texted him in the middle of his run. He always thought that if his phone was on during a run, he would get a text midflight going off of a jump and get startled by the vibration. It was one of the many quirks about Mark that you had grown to love.

When you glance at the text from Mark you almost get a heart attack because of what it reads.

“Hey babe. I’m in the ambulance right now. I choked on the rail section and landed on my chest. The meds think I have a broken rib. No need to worry… see you soon.”

Before you could type a response back, you saw a familiar figure get whisked past your door. You tried to get up but quickly failed and fell back into the uncomfortable hospital bed. At that moment Craig walked in.

“Craig please help me get out of this god damn bed. I need to go see mark. And I mean RIGHT NOW.”
“Ok y/n. Calm down. I will get you to your boyfriend as fast as I possibly can.” Craig said with a smile on his face.

He quickly picked you up bridal style and walked out of the room like nothing was wrong.

“Thanks Craiger.” You said, nestling your head into his chest. It was cold in the hospital and you were not used to being out from under your blankets for too long.

“No problem. I am going to be the one waiting on you and Mark hand and foot for the next couple weeks so I better get used to it.”  Craig responded. You just smiled.

When you walked into Mark’s room, what you saw broke your heart. He was curled up in the hospital bed as nurses tried straightening out his torso so they could feel if his rib was broken As Craig carried you closer, you could see a single tear streaming down Mark’s  face.

“Hey Mark. I’m right here.” You whispered into his ear, making sure not to touch any part of his body. You had no idea how much pain he was in, but by the looks of it he looked like he was in a lot.

“Hey babe.” He said, quickly wiping his eyes with the sleeve of his sweatshirt.

“How are you feeling?” You spoke, wiping his brown hair out of his beautiful eyes.

“I feel better now that you are here. Maybe I can finally relax and let the nurses take a look at my rib.” Mark looked  into your eyes and gave you a short sweet peck. When you looked back up to him, his face had turned beat red. Mark was not one to show loads of affection to you in public. But when he did, his face turned red and he got super shy. The room was filled with nurses and doctors who had not taken their eyes off of Mark, making him feel like everybody was watching him when he kissed you.  

After he had straightened out and the doctors had come to the conclusion that he had a broken rib, they let him go. You were discharged and allowed to go home early with Mark, as long as you laid low and sat on the couch all day.


“CRAIG!!!” Mark yelled as he tightened his grip around your torso. You and Mark were curled up on the his bed, a sea of blankets and pillows surrounding you. You were strategically placed so you could ice your foot and Mark his ribs. For being so hurt, you were both very comfortable.

“What!” Craig yelled as he bounded up the stairs. Craig had been quite the gentleman while you and Mark were hurt, bringing you food and setting up the TV in Mark’s room so you two could watch movies without going downstairs.

“Can I have something to eat?” Mark said with a smile on his face. He had been finding pure enjoyment out of treating his brother lake a slave for these past couple days.

“Yes master Mark. Now can I get anything for the princess.” Craig said in a sarcastic tone.

“No I’m fine. Thanks for asking Craig.” You said with a smile.

“It is slave Craig to you.” Craig said with a smile as he walked out of the room to get Mark something to eat.

“I love your brother.” You said turning so that you were facing Mark.

“Ya he can be a nice guy when he wants to be. I hope you don’t love him anymore than you love me though.” said Mark.

“Well he is waiting on us hand and foot.”

“Hey!” Mark said, giving you a playful push.

“Kidding babe. I love you so so so so so so so …”  Mark cut you off with the touch of his lips on yours. The kiss was sweet and then became deeper, as Mark pulled you closer to him. Before it became any more intense, you heard someone at the door clear their throat. You looked up and saw a toothy grinning Craig looking back at you.

“Having fun aren’t we. This is not what I signed up for, when I said that I would take care of you guys.” Craig said, still a grin on his face.

“Oh shut up Craig. You’re probably just jealous because you can’t get any and because my girlfrien-”

“OK! Thank you Craig for bringing Mark this delicious food. I promise this will not happen again.

Make sure to close the door on the way out. Thanks again Craig!” You said as fast as possible.

“Ya ya. Whatever you say y/n. If I see that again I will no longer bring you guys food. “

“Bye Craig!” Mark yelled as he started kissing you again.  You started giggling as Mark kissed you because you knew he was just trying to piss off Craig.

“Thanks again Craig!” You said through laughter as Mark pulled you closer into the kiss, both of you forgetting that you were hurt.