Vague Implications and Seesaw Oscillations part 17

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Hartbig AU, SFW (please don’t strike me, it’s almost deserving of an ish), 2,100 words. Lies and deception, all of it. But a girl can dream. (So can everyone else. We don’t do gender roles here at haveyouseenmyplot. We just happen to be a girl… with racy Hartbig dreams, apparently.) Previous parts can be found on my FIC PAGE (if you’re lucky.)


Part 17: Never

“We shouldn’t,” Hannah mumbles half-heartedly, even as her body presses forward, and her hands move lower, lower down Grace’s back, and Grace hums back in half-hearted agreement, and nips at Hannah’s soft skin, prompting a gasp and an arch and a tighter grip.

‘Fuck’ is the overriding thought in Grace’s mind, as they frantically stumble to Hannah’s room.


This is it. This is what she wanted. Hannah. Hannah’s lips are kissing her, and Hannah’s hands are touching her, and Grace can taste her and smell her and feel her.

How can this still be getting better? She’d honestly thought that the last time they were on this bed, was the peak, the exception.

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Sleep Sleep Snoogling

Sibs-verse where the Blakemoore Family adopts a poor Zaunite child after finding her during a business trip in Zaun. Cade and Tori are cuties.

[ R63 Caitlyn and Viktor]

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(( It was late at night + I was sleep sleep and I wanted to relieve some stress ; w; so I drew them snoozing. Also, I wanted to work with this pose I found as practice and adjust a few things. I like what I did with Cade’s pose, seems a little more natural o wo;; ))

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Oh snoogle where have you been all my life ❤️😍 My amazing boyfriend surprised me by sneaking off and buying it while I was trying on clothes lol. I ended up buying a couple Dita Von Teese nursing bras and they’re just as amazing as I thought they’d be. They’re sooo pretty and comfortable and they seem like they’ll be super easy to nurse with as well but I guess I’ll find out how well it works once Layla gets here.