nononoabsolutelynot asked me to talk a bit more about cuddling which, sure, yes, why would i ever want to talk about anything else?

because niall loves to cuddle. we all know this. he said so himself. LET’S REVIEW:

int: who gives the best hugs?
niall: AH! i love hugging, me. i’m a cuddler
harry (staring way too hard at niall): yep
louis & zayn: so are you nominating yourself?
niall: no, no, no, i like to hug! i’m not saying i give the best hugs, i like to hug. *hugs harry*

all right well now i’m just blogging from my floor cause that killed me twice over, for the millionth time. a cuddler. homie is a cuddler. there’s different types of cuddlers though. does he ask for a cuddle or does he like when it just kinda happens? is he a sleep-cuddler or a watching tv/on my phone cuddler? does he only cuddle certain people? are there certain people he cuddles and certain people he’d prefer to cuddle him? (hm cuddle is a funny word.)

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also all of this has made spock much snugglier, weirdly? like she has spent at least three times as much of the day and night snoogled down on my ankles in her usual position, and this morning, she woke me with such a prolonged cuddling session, it was wonderful ;;;

My blanket smells like Pikamoo’s house since I left it there and my pillow smells like Nightbane’s house.

Not sure how I feel about this. 30 minute nap is about to happen. If this makes it easier to sleep I’m going to laugh.


Week 24

Symptoms: Sleeping isn’t great lately, heartburn after eating occasionally, pressure and the urge to pee while I am running.  But overall, I forget I’m even pregnant 75% of the time.

Baby’s Size: as long as an ear of corn and 1.3 pounds!

Maternity Clothes: I am finally getting a little baby belly.  It’s mostly noticeable in workout clothes, you can see the difference between my photos during the 10k this weekend and a regular workout on Wednesday, baby cheeto must be chubbing up. I am still only wearing maternity jeans with regular tops.

Ring on or Off: On

Stretch Marks: Nada

Sleep: Has been really challenging this week, I can’t get comfortable.  I wake often and have a tough time falling asleep. My Snoogle pillow arrived this morning and I am soooo excited to give it a shot and hoping for a nice nights rest.

Miss Anything?: Cute fitted clothing and my waist.

Cravings: No legitimate cravings, only wanting sweets after meals.

Aversions: Driving, my road rage has been fierce. I was also avoid registering for my baby showers.  It left me feeling quite overwhelmed, unprepared and scared about the big life changes only a few months away.

Looking Forward to: Getting my glucose test over with next week, I’ve been dreading it and just want to get it over with.

What I’m Loving: I’m loving the feeling of accomplishment that I have not thrown in the running towel, yet. Six and half months pregnant and I am still lacing up my shoes and even ran a 10k over the weekend. It was my most relaxed race ever: I wore no watch, I took my time in a porta potty and I walked whenever I felt like walking.  It was so enjoyable! 

Week 26
A little late and I missed Week 25. Oops.

Symptoms: Back pain, oh the back pain. I’m resting on a heating pad almost every night to try and ease the pain.
Baby’s Size: as long as a green onion or as large as a papaya
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing mostly regular tops and dresses with maternity bottoms.
Ring on or Off: On
Stretch Marks: Nada
Sleep: Enh. The snoogle pillow helps but I’m still not sleeping well.
Miss Anything?: Pre-pregnancy energy. The late nights for work are really wearing me down and wreck me the following day. I’ll be in NYC all week next week and nervous about the jam packed schedule.
Cravings: None really, fruit with Cool Whip has sounded good and been a nice after dinner dessert this week.
Aversions: Bad breath
Looking Forward to: A weekend getaway in Mont Tremblant, Canada in a few weeks.
What I’m Loving: My new haircut and color. It cleaned up my ends and gave me some nice bounce!