try to forget how it feels inside.

By Snooeisen on Deviantart.

This was the brilliantly talented woman who inspired me mainly to create my JOS cubicle for my year 12 art folio. Everybody should take a look at her art once, it makes one feel they aren’t alone in thinking certain things anymore. I identify with the artwork to a degree. Whilst some of her artwork isn’t for everyone, you cannot deny the beauty in this artwork. Nor the talent of this amazing human being.

soooo ive hit 600 followers :) and i thought i share my tumblr crushes soooo here they are: 

they all have lovely blogs so go follow :)


I don’t know. I just do it to my eyebrows, so I’m not sure. It’s not really that often either, like if I have other ways to distract myself besides pulling my eyebrow hair, I’ll do that instead. It’s just kind of weird. 


I made a nice fall out boy / folie à deux sweatshirt for the concert I’m going to on 29 august!


the bears on the front are from (aka the album cover for folie à deux)

the design on the back was one I made, inspired by ‘what a catch, donnie’ which is a song on the album that I like a lot.


both designs are hand-stenciled and hand-painted. I need to touch up some things, especially on the back. I did attempt an ombre-ish darker red dye similar to the original artwork, but most of it washed out. 


the majority of the pins on there are ones that I designed and had made. there’s also one of my ‘sugar we’re going down’ antler necklaces; I think I’m going to wear it. there are also seven studs in each shoulder.

edit: pre-orders for a made-to-order ‘copy’ of this sweatshirt here:

I got a new plain black hoodie (I’ve been wearing this one I’ve had for… five or so years…) and I’m gonna alter the SHIT out of it

it’s going to be my american idiot hoodie. this is the design I made for the back. cutting out the letters for the stencil is gonna be a fucking pain but it’ll be worth it.

the front is going to look neat, too!! and the arms!!! wow I can’t wait