I hate it when people come to your house and tell you you shouldn’t serve that first/you should serve this first/you should serve this with that.
Um, no. Just because in our culture we have different ways of doing things it doesn’t make them bad. Or wrong. Nor do we do things just like that…there’s a thought process behind it.
When I go to your house, I eat whatever you put on the table, whenever you put it on the table and keep my mouth shut. I don’t complain about how this should’ve been served first/last. & guess what? I accept you to do the same thing!
Don’t degrade other people’s cultures just because they’re different than yours. If you can’t handle the change or difference of those specific people’s routine when serving guests, then I suggest you stay in your house or within your little circle of family and friends who do things your way.
I can understand if you point out you’re on a diet or you don’t eat something or you’re allergic to something etc, but if you’re just going to make me feel like my culture and unique way of doing things is stupid, then bye.
Seriously, just bye.

The thing that book snobs do not understand is that well-written screenplays are structurally different than well-written books. You honestly cannot have a quarter of a movie be exposition and have your audience sit through it—they don’t follow the Freytag period, books are dialogue and narration driven (mostly) while movies are action driven, you have to show a lot more and need to do different things to express inner monologues if you want to avoid shitty VOs. Sometimes things NEED to be cut, changed, or straight made up in order for a novel to work as a film and since yall don’t know anything about film-making you should stop being piss babies about it bye.

Edmonton, AB.  August 2014.

It’s funny how I used to be such a hardcore black & white photographer when I shot exclusively with film.  I loved the minimalism, the textures, the tones, and like any film snob, the grain. 

These days, it seems like I’m more of a colour photographer.  Makes sense, right?  Life is lived in colour and all that.  It boils down to preferences in digital vs film.  As much as I love my film cameras, I shoot with the X100s most of the time still and for whatever reason, I find digital looks better in colour most of the time.  There are some exceptions where a digital photo looks great in B&W though, and I have a bunch from the past several months queued up for a little burst of B&W to harken back to the time when most of my photos were in B&W.

Minsan talaga napapaisip ako kung bakit walang kumakausap sa akin. Sabi ng iba snob daw ako, siguro nga. Sabi naman ng iba namimili daw ako ng kausap, baka nga. Sabi naman ng iba para daw akong masungit at mahirap iapproach. hays Baka nga tama sila na choosy ako sa mga kinakausap ko at minsan snob pero ganito talaga ako eh. Minsan naman tinatamad lang talaga ako makipag-usap. kaya guys please bare with me na lang. huhuhuhu

myfanwy and dorian often stay up late at night in the library reading books together (she likes the romance ok shut up dorian you snob) and drinking wine, terribly expensive wine, and eating cheese, apple slices and chocolate. they then get smashed and decide to practice magical theory they have been hashing out together, set the library on fire accidentally, and make cullen come running with buckets of water. then they get a lecture and sent to bed to sleep it off.

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If they had a kid meme: Spamano Only if you have time though~

Name: Ezio (If you get the reference I love you)
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Dark chocolate brown hair, green eyes, tan skin.
Personality: He’s a little bit of a snob as well as a slob but he has a really adorable side to him and is kind of a ladies man.
Special Talents: Learns how to tame bulls with Papa
Who they like better: Padre
Who they take after more: Papa
Personal Head canon: He learned curse words at age 2
Face Claim:


Literally love this one so much 


"Around Halloween the last"……….as opposed to….Halloween the first?

man did I ever pick out what everyone would go as for Halloween? Oh wait, I feel like I DEFINITELy did, nevermind. 

*looks up if Duc de Saint-Simon is gay stuff [because Francis is reading him]* “He seemed to have regarded her with a respect and affection unusual between husband and wife at the time”; oh, well. But his cousin founded Socialism, apparently, so that’s sort of gay.

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I’m asking in the nicest way possible: Why don’t you like Judd Apatow movies?

Well…where to begin. I’m a huge film snob. I’m an even bigger comedy snob. I am really not into that slapstick comedy that revolves around fart jokes, racism and physical comedy. It pains me. And that’s all that Judd Apatow does. The first thing I ever saw of his was Freaks & Geeks and I was in love with that show. It was smart and well written and it said something about young people and society. I seriously think that Apatow said every intelligent thing he had to say in that show and afterwards his brain just…fried. And that’s the part that maybe makes me hate his films even more. I thought that Freaks & Geeks was the norm of what he did but it was actually just a freak, happy accident. I am ashamed of how many of his movies I’ve watched. But I also like to have informed opinions so I’ve sat through, the 40 year old virgin, Pineapple Express, Knocked up and a whole slew of movies I’ve probably repressed and I just don’t think they’re funny. I get if other people enjoy them; because I know that a lot of people do and I would never take that away from anyone. But gaaaah I just can’t bring myself to even chuckle at them. Like I said, I’m a comedy snob. I have a very dry sense of humor and the dudebro comedies I’ve really enjoyed are movies that a lot of people don’t give any credit to or have never even seen for some reason. So yeah, I forgot where this rant was going but I don’t like Judd Apatow because he tricked me into thinking he was smart and then turned out he wasn’t and he makes movies that put me in physical pain and offend me in about 50 different ways. 


u know I’ll never get why Mu said he wants the Collosseum to become even more popular
I mean yes we all know u r a geek and u love fighting and swords and shit but u do realize that most gladiators are slaves and get forced to die for the entertainment of rich snobs??? slaves like ur beloved family members used to be????


Simply put, I love this song. The original is one that often finds me taking pause, closing my eyes, and hitting repeat a few times.  

I am also a bit of an acapella snob, for well founded reasons. When it was announced that this was the song that they were going to preform, it stung.  I apathetically had been watching most of the “special episode”, nit-picking.  I settled in, for what I feared, was going to be a disheartening let-down of one of my beloved songs.

and then

they started singing.  My beloved and I both were STANDING in-front of the TV.  The volume was low as our little ones were sleeping.  I felt each and every note strike deep into me.  I felt the beginning of tears welling up in my eyes.

Say what you will about music, about what drives you, what reaches you, touches you, pulls at your soul, this was one of the most exquisite things that I have had the pleasure of watching, hearing, and feeling.