I can’t always speak and I can’t always laugh. There’s an electric current in my bones, it’s not that I don’t like to live. It’s more like the world is spinning too quickly and it makes me dizzy. Coffee’s too bitter and sometimes the wind chills my fingers. People chatter too loudly and their words slip from my grasp. My soul likes to be alone but there’s a loneliness that’s building in my core. There’s poison in my brain and voices in my head. There’s chaos underneath my flesh and it burns and melts the hidden gold. But I swear to you, I’d speak if I could. There are hundreds of thoughts floating in my head but sometimes I lose my tongue. Good intentions are piled up in a hidden corner of my being but they slip through my fingers and hide in the cracks along my spine. But if you look closely, if you stand near, you’ll see, I’m more than scarred flesh and broken bones.