Mooooore shipping cosplay.. Personally.. Not a fan of RivaMika.. They are related.. I don’t know why that bothers me so much.. I ship Hikaru and Kaoru.. and Rin and Len.. Maybe it’s because Levi BELONGS TO EREN, MIKA! GO MAKE OUT WITH ANNIE PLS AND THANK YOU!

I don’t hate RivaMika.. I swear I don’t.. It’s just.. not a favorite.. and never will be.. Because Levi is gay.. End of story.. 

(We specifically did RivaMika cosplay for the RivaMika lovers.. I don’t like leaving ships out.. I try to make everyone happy c:)


Letting go.



No I didn’t fell in love with myself as Jean!

God, this is bad.

I bought the wigs to my gf and myself for our Jeanmarco cosplay and I tried on hers, and I couldn’t resist making some selfies with Little Jean.
We’re so adoreable.
I can’t wait ‘til I get some money again, and then I can style my Marco wig and make some pics in my real cosplay too.


I don’t know what’s going on but I’ve been getting a good amount of negative “criticism” about my cosplays lately. None of it has to do with my makeup, my costume or anything like that. Instead, it’s me being black that’s the problem. Almost every character I’ve done has made someone question why I’ve cosplayed them if they weren’t as dark as I am. People have called me horrible things, told me to stop cosplaying or to choose different characters. This sort of thing really brought me down because I already know I’m not “the best” cosplayer but for people to literally tell me I can’t cosplay something for a reason I can’t change? That’s ridiculous and honestly I don’t care anymore. Cosplaying is a hobby to me, I’ve made so many friends from it and I have so many great memories. I’m not gonna stop because some ignorant people fill my inbox with garbage. I’m gonna keep doing it for as long as I want and tbh I give zero fricks about anything negative people have to say about that. Everyone should cosplay who they want to. It doesn’t matter if you’re a different race, a different size, etc. Cosplay whoever makes you happy because I certainly will ♡


A whole year of cosplaying Eren Jaeger, no regrets…..?

As 2014 draws to a close, I just wanted to personally thank every single one of you for the support you’ve shown me over the last few months. At the start of this year I could have never fathomed this little askblog would generate so much love, I’m still really shocked and humbled.

The SNK fandom has been amazing, you all are amazing, and I’m so looking forward to 2015 with such wonderfully crazy people~


my Levi cosplay from Chapter 58 “Gunfire”

Dantelian as Levi Ackerman
photos by Alambresion
one more:




NärCon’s cut of our intermission skit last summer!

Eren | Levi | HanjiArmin | Jean