SNK Readthrough: Volume 11 Part 7


The jury is still out on Pixis. We don’t know if he’s a friend, foe or something in between. Will he side with the victor, whomever that is, in an effort stay alive and in power?

I personally think Pixis is a good guy. Look at how warmly he greets Erwin, not only shaking his hand, but grabbing his arm. In the official english translation he says, “I hear we’ve caught one of our mice.” He seems to be firmly on Erwin’s side.


My Theory on Pixis

Pixis has a thing for women. In Volume 3, he said he wouldn’t mind being killed by a beautiful female Titan. Now he speaks of not fearing injury as long as a beautiful woman cares for him.

Isayama loves foreshadowing. This doesn’t bode well for Pixis.

Perhaps Pixis will be pivotal in the final battle with Annie, but will be critically injured as a result. A beautiful female subordinate will be crying over him, desperately trying to save his life. Pixis will die with a smile on his face.

(If you can’t get enough of Commander Pixis, I have more thoughts about him here)

SNK Readthrough: Volume 11 Part 6


It’s time for another Hannes appreciation post.

Hannes has just return from scanning for Titan when he notices the chaos on the walls. Like a protective father, he immediately rushes for information about “his kids”. He sees Eren in Titan form, just before the Colossal Titan crashes onto him, obscuring the sight.

Like any good parent, he pushes his own fears and anxiety aside. When he sees Mikasa and Armin in obvious pain, he rushes to them.


Sitting on the ground facing Mikasa, he reminds them of all the times Eren foolishly went into a fight, never willing to accept defeat.


"No matter how many times he fell, he always got back up. That’s who he is. Do you really think he’d let himself be carried off without a fight?  No, sir. He’d fight with everything he had. And he’s only up against two guys. No matter who, he’ll keep giving them trouble until you or I get there…

With the promise of Hannes by their side, Mikasa and Armin show renewed determination. They begin preparation for the next battle.

Headcanon Moment (as if this isn’t long enough)

Hannes has grown children that he rarely sees. He and his wife separated when the kids were young because of his drinking problem. His affection for the Shinganshina Trio stems from that. They remind him of his own kids when they were younger.

SNK Readthrough: Volume 11 Part 8


I have some good news and bad news

A messenger has arrived in Trost. The good news is that there is no breach in the wall. The bad news is the discovery that three members of the 104th are Titan shifters.

Erwin, Pixis, Levi and Jean are all present to hear this information. Jean reacts by screaming “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! T-THERE WERE STILL THREE TITANS ON THAT TEAM?! WHO?!

Erwin raises his hand to stop Jean, silencing his hysterics. He calmly asks the right questions and learns about the battle between the survey corps and the Armored and Colossal Titans.

And that, my friends, is why Erwin is such a freakin’, amazing, cool-headed, gorgeous, stunning,  and andasdfghjkl man and why he can’t die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…sorry… a little Chapter 61 anxiety leaking through