because every fandom needs a hogwarts AU


"oh my god he’s perfect go ask him to join our band"

"he looks like a dick"

[bert and jean are just hangin out eating hamburgers or something and bert just freezes and spins around with his mouth full to see eren jammin out and points super seriously as he chokes down his food and goes “that’s him that’s the one we need”]

inspired by tags from straydo on this video ”#ill just contribute to your jeager bombs stuff #what if that was how they met #just hanging somewhere eating or something #and then him playing is just heard in the background”


look what i found in my drafts!!more snk hogwarts au

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some doodles from the erejean!theif au im making!! i’m pretty sure im gonna turn this into comics „plus there are more characters i’m def gonna add 8)

Eren and Jean started to work together as a team because they realized it could be easier that way, (they used to work alone as thieves, stealing stuff from companies and robbing banks, also frustrating each other’s plans and nerd stuff like that, yeah)

A little bit of Levi in my life
A little bit of Eren by my side
A little bit of Jean is all I need
A little bit of Bertholdt is what I see
A little bit of Erwin in the sun
A little bit of Marco all night long
A little bit of Reiner here I am
A little bit of you makes me your man