These are the Kiers and as far as I know we aren’t related. But they lived in the town of Smilde at around the same time as my great grandfather.

My summer project is going to be to try and trace my genealogy back as far as I can in all four directions (not sure how scientific this is, there must be some rule, like you’re only supposed to trace the fathers or some bullshit like that, but since this project is out of personal interest I’m going to forget that).

I found it incredible that my Dad didn’t know the names of either of his grandmothers when I started talking genealogy a few weeks ago. Must rectify this.

OH! I just had a thought. Maybe I’ll make a separate Tumblr where I update my progress on this project so that I’m not boring all of you with it all the time.


Bally Fall/Winter 2015

Finally my dream of living inside a Wes Andersen film can be realised. When asked about his inspiration for AW15 Bally’s design director Pablo Coppola said, “A lot of Wes Anderson, and specifically The Royal Tenenbaums.” As this film’s dialog has spawned a thousand memes, let’s relate these snipp…


Snipp og snapp dub © viMZ | snipp og snapp norsk | donald duck new

Snipp, snapp ... snopp ...

Snipp, snapp … snopp #nyköping @nykopingskommun @CFalkholt @ErikCarlgren

Gosse på Nyköpingsk skolgård

SVT Sörmland rapporterar att personal på Nyköpings högstadium har fått se den beramade “snippa” som efter hetlevrad debatt täckts över.

Konstnären Carolina Falkholtfick i uppdrag att skapa ett konstverk som skulle pryda en vägg på den då nyrenoverade högstadieskolan i Nyköping. Konstverket var en reaktion på kvinnligt nedvärderande språkbruk klottrat på skolväggen.…

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snipp og snapp norsk film chip en Dale Rescue Rangers volle episodes


Cozy snuggle time with Snipp ❤️🐀 #rat #rats #ratgram #ratstagram #ratsofinstagram #pet #petrat #cozy #cute #weekend #animal


DONALD DUCK & Snipp og Snapp tegneserier FULL EPISODER DEL 1

Snipp snapp snut så var denna resa slut! ❄️ #AnsatoOchDubai #JagFryser by Instagram User: sticcan February 17, 2015 at 02:41PM at #MUC


snipp og snapp redningspatruljen norske stemmer | donald duck chip


Snipp og Snapp rednings rangers hele episoden