Seeing the stranger approach Strider couldn’t help but hope that maybe they would pass him by, having tucked himself into the corner but no such luck as they stopped at his table “Evening friend,” he smiled, glancing up from beneath his hood and eyeing the person before him. It was painfully obvious that Strider didn’t belong here from his clothes but he didn’t dwell on it, nudging the opposite chair out with his foot.

Maria & Liam | Carnivals for Assassins

Life growing up for Maria Greene wasn’t the most white picket fence type scenario for the now-assassin. It was lesser so Disney movies and picnics with her mother and father as it was wondering why Daddy got so upset when Mummy came home tripping over her own footing with her lipstick smudged. It had an effect on many parts of the assassin’s childhood, no parents meeting teachers, no trips to the beach. Though if you were to ask her about it in the present day, the likeliness was she wouldn’t say it at all bothered her.

Of course, it did. Maybe it was something irrational, but an endless itching in the back of her mind lingered that she couldn’t truly pinpoint many normal things about her childhood, but better late then never, that’s what they say.

[text]: Roses are red, violets are blue, pretty pretty pretty please take me to the carnival or so help me, I’ll maim you. I’m a poetic genius, I know. - MG

[text]: Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. - MG

After several re-sends of the final text, Maria fell mindlessly onto her couch in waiting of a reply, if anyone would be strong willed enough to put up with her of all people at a carnival, it was the man she’d just texted. Both Liam and the circus were in town, and maybe it would be nice to cross something off that bucket list she wouldn’t admit to having.

sniper-liam said: “Nothing” Liam mumbled against Sebastian’s lips, then nipped playfully at the other man’s tongue. sniper-liam liked this

Sebastian frowned and bit Liam’s lips jist hard enough to make them reddish.
“Tell me Liam” He mustered, sudden anger coursing though him.

sniper-liam said: How are you today? You’re up on our threads, btw XD

Aww pretty good for a sunday morning! :D Got it hon, give me a sec yeah?xD
How’s the coconut platation going for you?

Standing The Tests Of Time || Liam & Mary

[Unsent Text: Liam] Where the fuck have you gone?..
[Unsent Text: Liam] I was right not to trust yo-
[Unsent Text: Liam] I really miss you…
[Unsent Text: Liam] Come over?
[Unsent Text: Liam] I don’t know who you are anymor-….

[Sent Text: Liam] You’re a dickhead you know that? - MM.

Mary slammed her phone down not realising she’d actually sent the text. She was upset? Annoyed? Angry? All of them. Yes. Liam had just dropped her. Without warning and left her alone, he promised her friendship and just left her alone. Not a word not a single word over the months. He was her closet friend and he’d just dropped her like a hat. She was pissed off and she had a right too be. 


Milo with tattoos