This is why we really need to stop saying that Severus Snape was “friendzoned”.

Severus Snape never told Lily that he loved her or asked her out, in fact the only person who knew about his feelings was him, and James had a sneaky suspicion but that was it.

This is the only time Severus Snape supposedly “harassed” her. When they were arguing and he said he wanted them to be and stay friends. When Lily said she wanted Severus to leave her alone, that’s exactly what he did. He left her alone.

And if you look here, the one to confirm that they were indeed friends (and just friends) was Severus Snape.

So if anyone “friendzoned” anyone, Severus friendzoned Lily.

Stop this ridiculous demonisation of characters because you read baseless fanon on Tumblr, please.