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Oh Evan but Louis /did/ say that can you believe it??!??!!? so crazy

why can’t he take questions about ‘steal my girl’ seriously? why does he always turn questions or anything in relation to girls into something complex and laughable? did you see his reaction when the interviewer touched his shoulder?

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So everyone is non-cis until they say otherwise? Literally harry behaves in a gender conforming way 95% of the time and refers to himself as male. Exactly what is the assumption he may identify as female based on? I identify as female, but I definitely gave masculine traits. If someone started calling me a boy because of that when id given no indication I identified that way I'd find it upsetting.

I never said that everyone is non-cis, but everyone and their cousin is acting like everyone is cis until they say otherwise, and I don’t mean on tumblr. You’re assumed to be cishet until you say otherwise, that’s the whole thing under the concept of coming out. I wouldn’t need to come out as non-straight with everyone I befriend if they didn’t assume I was straight.

Also, Harry plays with gender way more than I do (and about this - hey, gender expression does not equal gender identity!) and way more than 90% of non-binary/trans people I know. And yet people refuse to maybe think that he could not be cis? Hell no Anon, hell no. Harry wears nail polish, women perfume and clothing, give himself boobs, put himself in a girl band and shows a general awareness of gender norms (and the consequent fucking with them) that you can’t call a joke. I am not allowing you to call it a joke. You are not allowed to dismiss Harry’s intelligence, it’s frankly insulting.

Also, you missed the part where we were saying that we are not assigning a gender identity to Harry, but making conjectures. Since, you know, it’s allowed to do that, since not being cis is not shameful, you know. And you are telling me that misgendering is upsetting. Yeah, thank you so much for that.

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okely dokely :)

FIVE ALARM III ( part one | part two ) — still rated T. Sorry :p

Holly tried to figure out how they’d gotten there, settled on a ridiculously comfortable couch in Gail’s living room. Half-eaten cartons of food and empty wine glasses sat forgotten on the coffee table, the tension in the room rising as climax became imminent…

Gail screamed—actually screamed—and clung to Holly as she buried her face in Holly’s shoulder. Holly couldn’t help but press her own face into the top of Gail’s blonde head. 

"No, you idiot!" Gail suddenly cried out with a groan. "Don’t hide in the closet! You’re gonna die." She looked up at Holly. "She’s gonna die." 

Sure enough, she died not thirty seconds later. And Gail buried her face into Holly’s shoulder once more at the gory massacre. 

"Are you actually scared or are you just using it as an excuse to cuddle with me?" Holly asked with a chuckle when the scene changed to a more peaceful one (for the time being). "Because I usually only cuddle after a woman has taken me out on a date." 

Gail snorted and sat up, folding her legs under her, criss-cross-applesauce. “Don’t flatter yourself, Stewart. You’re just a convenient body to shield me from the flesh eating zombies. They’ll devour you while I make a break for it.” 

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what do you mean the shade they're throwing? did i miss something?

Go watch the interview we got today with Liam, Zayn, and Louis. Louis literally said the song was “the story…of a man….who steals a girl….in a bag.”

If that doesn’t indicate that he’s not proud of this song, I’m not sure what does.

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A lot of times, when I see a photo of Patrick Kane, I either find him unattractive or "meh." Sometimes, though, his cheekbones and eyelashes and mouth and curls pretty much punch me in the face and I want to scream "JESUS CHRIST YOU'RE SO PRETTY" at the top of my lungs. His hockey is always gorgeous, though.

I have a theory about this. Patrick Kane is a beautiful, beautiful man who is sometimes just painfully unphotogenic.

In videos and gifs, he always looks something like this:


Yet oftentimes in pictures he looks like this:

I choose to just focus on the times he looks good:

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could you recommend me historical books the ones you enjoy that tell the story about like queens or anything really bc you have such an amazing taste

well for nonfiction

  • "six wives" by david starkey. he has some pretty clear anti-anne boelyn biases but once you know they’re there they’re pretty easy to see through
  • "the creation of anne boleyn" by susan bordo. "creation of anne boleyn" is a fucking GOD SEND and a must-read for anyone doing research on anne.

for fiction:

  • "queen’s gambit" by elizabeth fremantle. it’s about catherine parr and it’s amazing
  • there’s also “queen of shadows” by edith felber, which is about isabella ‘the she-wolf’ of france.
  • philippa gregory is a trashcan BUT tbh i really enjoyed “the boleyn inheritance”, which is about jane parker, anne of cleves, and kathryn howard
  • also “the constant princess”. it’s about about katherine of aragon, and it’s about her when she was growing up and when she came to england to marry arthur; no one really talks about that and most narratives which have koa really only center on the end of her marriage to henry, but her life before that was just as fascinating which is why i recommend it. like i said PG is grossly inaccurate and tries to pass off her inaccuracies as fact, so i really wouldn’t take much you read in her books at face value, but they are entertaining just from a fiction standpoint.

anyone else wanna chime in they can c: