To go it alone or to go with a partner. When you choose a partner you have to have compromises and sacrifices, but it’s a price you pay. Do I want to follow my every whim and desire as I make my way through time and space, absolutely, but at the end of the day do I need someone when I’m doubting myself and I’m insecure and my heart’s failing me? Do I need someone who, when the heat gets hot, has my back?


Fangirl Challenge -> (1/5) Movies -> Safety Not Guaranteed

It’s that time and that place and that song. And you remember what it was like when you were in that place, and then you listen to that song and you know you’re not in that place anymore and it makes you feel hollow. You can’t just go find that stuff again.

The Signs as Youtubers
  • Aries:Jenna Marbles
  • Taurus:Zoe Sugg
  • Gemini:Miranda Sings
  • Cancer:Tyler Oakley
  • Leo:Glozell
  • Virgo:Joe Sugg
  • Libra:Tanya Burr
  • Scorpio:Phil Lester
  • Sagittarius:Mamrie Hart
  • Capricorn:Hannah hart
  • Aquarius:Grace Helbig
  • Pisces:Marcus Butler

A huge thanks goes to Mao ( snguyeol)  for answering my KKT chat last week and making this adorable graphic for me!


Last week celebrated not only 1 year on Tumblr, but I also creeped above 100 followers. I don’t know how and why all you amazing people follow me, but THANK YOU! <3

*Who would have thought a bunch of reblogs and shameless fanfic self-promotion would gain this kind of attention…*

A special shoutout is also necessary for those who have become my best Tumblr friends:

penginina (cheating since you were the one who got me here :P), damn-it-sungyeol (Roselle, I always love seeing your messages), itsmichiru (I MISS YOU MICHI), yoongiinscarf (Caroline, my beloved Valentine <3), bangsdae (KIMM MY OTHER VALENTINE <3), passmethesuga-and-vplease (Veronica, you’re the sweetest), yeolstruck (MONICA, I MISS YOU TOO), sockjin (Lucy, I need to synch back up to your times on Tumblr XD).

Also, the inspiritsnet family I found; because of you guys, I’m back to writing fanfics for my favorite boys!

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And for an idea of even more amazing blogs I follow, here they are.

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Thank you to everyone for making this a great year for me here! <3


“Jiyoonie? Jiyoonie!” He exclaimed as he watched…

He sighed heavily as his grip on her grew tighter, hurriedly bringing her towards a car and straight to the hospital. “Jiyoonie, I told you not to over work yourself. Aish.”

She didnt come too until she was lying in a hospital bead with an IV in her arm. The doctor had told mino that the reason she had passed out was because she was severely dehydrated. She opened her eyes and turned her head to find him sitting in a chair facing her bed “hey superstar” she said quietly


tagged by my king and baby boy dildoyeol to do this ♡

i’m recycling selfies because i’m going through a really bad patch in regards to the way i look. i’m not comfortable with myself at the moment sorry.

i tag my dohdoro leothargy astrohobi notgotseven snguyeol 91baechu exosuhobaby szczesny yulhes howedass jumpingoffthatclifford senxing sebastianstahp sehunspubes to do this too and actually dazzle with your beautiful faces ♡

sngmnx replied to your post: sngmnx asked:HYYUNG~ YOUR COMEBAC…

Ah, hyung. You guys are most definitely my idols. Always working hard to give your best to the VIPs.

When you have fans like the VIPs who stay with you no matter how grim or boring things are, you tend to fall in love and want to work hard for them and give them your very best. We are blessed to have such beautiful fans.