Some sneaky pics made playing with catneep ‘s phone because I don’t have any scanner right now… first, i’m very bad with a camera, second, maybe it bring some cool lo-fi style !! I wanted to take other pictures but the nokia just wanted to sleep, and he is quite slow… 

So the first pics are design research for the characters of a secret project, and the others are from another secret project. Because secret is sneaky. 

Go go boysfantasy !


Y’know, I don’t think Andy and I should be allowed to draw. At all.

Best regards,



"That’s my horse, by the way."

"Oh, come now, dear, lovely Keema, you can share with friends!”

"Excuse me?"

"1. I’m not your friend, freak. 2. I wouldn’t even share one grain of rice with you. 3. Don’t you "love" me there!"

"Oh shit, that didn’t come out right…"


"Stay away, you disgusting snake!"

"I’ll make some love for you in no time!"

"You know very well what I mean… Now come down from there!!"

"Let me think about it - No."

"In that case… Come on, horsey."

"Is that so… Where are we going… Mister Knight?"

"I’m going to find the nearest sauna, kick your ass behind it and stuff your corpse in a beer barrel."

"Oh you did want to make love! Why didn’t you just say so!”


omg sneaky crawled into my sleeve and he wont move xD hes curled up in a ball and i keep accidentally bumping him around but he honestly gives zero fucks because he aint moving!