My Bonkai Wish

I want a scene where Bonnie is attacked by heretics and they are draining her magic so she can’t even move or attack back. And suddenly cloaked Kai snaps their necks or disables them. And he doesn’t reveal himself right away. But Bonnie immediately knows its him.

you know what im just gonna address a few points I saw in chanyeols defense real quick because apparently I haven’t gotten enough off me chest:

“chanyeol is like a three year old…. [inserts excuse to defend chanyeol]”

Exactly the only way he seems to learn his lesson is if you gotta take a belt and beat him in the public grocery store. Have a #roastchanyeol day on snl while were at it

“colorism isn’t affecting Kai because he is still one of the more popular members”

So remember back during the wolf comeback when the concepts and character profiles came out and everybody gotta a cute nickname but Kai got “foreigner” and got his hair cornrowed??? SM uses his skin tone as a literal marketing device and don’t u dare tell me that won’t have some kind of offensive effect on him personally/ on darker toned Koreans. SM essentially just said if you are kais color you’re practically not Korean. Because Koreans are supposed to be dark! Yeah the colorism may not be affecting Kai in the way we usually see it but its definitely having a negative impact on image and consumer perception. Him constantly being pointed out as the “dark one/ dark kid” is like encouragement for him and other dark skinned Koreans to get lighter.

“Kai didn’t look insulted/kai called himself dark!!”

That is a perfect example of internalized problems developed as a result of all the comments made about his skin. Kai literally sees it coming so just says it before anyone else does. And I know some of you know what that’s like you just out ur insecurity to make the environment seem a little less hostile even though it bothers the crap put of you.

And I won’t lie it bothers me too when he makes jokes! I’m not a fan of that either.

“Ok so if ur mad about this why won’t u be mad about [inserts random ass examples like big ears]????!!! Lol :) :) yall fake.”

So when you explain to me how ear size or whatever irrelevant ass example you wanna compare colorism to is used to systematically ignore/put down ppl in a society and only uplift one type of group, I’ll listen. Don’t try and pretend that teasing big ears and teasing dark skin has the same weight, because you KNOW it does not.

To summarize: Stop letting Chanyeol be an ass.

blue-arrows-14 asked:

(/□\*)·° Kai?

What makes Kai blush, quite simply: Jinora. Similar to the flustered post anything the girl does can make the boy blush. Especially when she praises him highly on his airbending, even years later. Voice cracks, awkward puberty scenarios (discovering Jinora’s “time of the month” oh my god). 

And cheek kisses I mean did you see him during “In Harm’s Way”. Oh and if Tenzin caught him and Jinora kissing oh snap Kai would turn really red in the face, poor boy




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Video for Slippery’s ‘Change’, I helped shoot as part of SGZ Media.