This is an amazing video you have got to see about a newly discovered snake out of Iran. The video is amazing and I have never seen anything like it just showing how awesome animal life is.


Continuing my series of snake studies followed by character concepts for my short story, Origins.  This is the matriarch of the serpent colony, Bala’hnim, and she’s based on the bush viper.  I did a couple studies of the bush viper to gain a better understanding of the shape of its head, then went ahead with the Bala’hnim concept.  Enjoy!

| Male | 15 yrs. | Ball Python | McKees Rocks, PA |
Snakes are not for everyone but they can make wonderful pets for people of all ages, young and old and in between too. If you’ve never owned a snake before you may want to start smaller. This no named python is currently between 7 and 8 feet long but not expected to grow more. He eats really well with no trouble and is handled.

Remember, you don’t get pets when you’re bored and then bring them back to animal prison because your life is tough, your boyfriend left you, you lost your job, you’re pregnant and are too lazy to care for your pets and kid, or because you have to move and don’t want to spend a few extra seconds looking for pet friendly places. PETS ARE FOR LIFE.

Spayed/Neutered: No
Vaccinated: No

Rescue: Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue
How to adopt: Email “”
Extra: ID: cherry

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Snakes are one of those things like slugs that, as I got older, my opinion changed drastically about. Now, I’d go out of my way to avoid them. But when I was a kid, I really loved them and actually wanted a small, nonpoisonous one as a pet. In fact, I wanted one so badly that I was willing to fool everyone, including (almost) myself, into believing that I eventually did have one, no matter what I had to do. So, at around 9 years old stuck in the woods at summer camp, I told my mom I’d been given a snake to take home as a pet, just like I’d been yearning for. I even had her buy it a little cage and bugs from the pet store for it to eat. The only problem was, nobody had given me a real snake, and all I had was a (shockingly real looking) plastic one. But every so often, I would sneak over to the cage I was keeping it in and move it over some so that my mom would never notice that it wasn’t actually alive. When she finally figured it out, she started out really angry with me for tricking her, but we both ended up in stitches over it in the end. It was so funny and weird of that she couldn’t stay mad at me. It was also the first time I’d ever lied to her. Somehow, I still feel a little guilty for it. I couldn’t tell you why I did it. I’m glad she took it so well. But I feel so bad for lying. Still.

I feel like the real snake.