Hey! I finally got around to making a cover page for my soon-to-happen webcomic, [StargazeR!]

It’s about a girl named Aria who wishes to find out why her mother left Earth and left the most powerful alien in the world to look after her, and she goes to all sorts of places and meets all sorts of people! It has all sorts of stuff in it like aliens, love, psychic abilities, weird wish-giving shapes, and lots of other stuff!

It updates every Saturday and/or Sunday!

Looking for new pen pals!

Hi there, My name is Alicia. I’m 24 years old and I’m from Spain. I have been snail mailing since I was a kid, but especially since 2008 when I started having pen pals outside Spain. 

I would really like to find pen pals from the following countries: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, India, Vietnam… just to name a few haha. I don’t have any pen pal from these countries and I’d love to. However, I don’t mind getting pen pals from other countries that I didn’t mention above. 

Likes: I love travelling, playing the sims, watching series (I watch too many), reading, writing long letters and making them pretty, making envelopes, mail art in general, crafty things like making charms using polymer clay or hamabeads. I love the sunny weather and going to the beach, but I also adore cold winters, drinking tea, cozy clothes and snow! I’m in love with pugs, and bulldogs of every kind. I have an addiction: buying washitape and stationery in general. Even if I’m broke, there’s always money for stationery hehe 

Dislikes: Pink in general is not my favourite colour to be honest. I hate insects, hate them. I’m not crazy about coffee (though iced coffee is a different story), and… I guess there aren’t many things I dislike.

I’m looking for pen pals that: are between 21-28 years old, write long letters, love mail art and like making their letters look nice, are open-minded.

You can check my instagram if you wanna see some of my letters (stormyweather_ is my account)

 I don’t mind writing first BUT you have to reply as well, of course. 

If you wanna be my new pen pal, send me an email to penpalspain @ hotmail. com

and introduce yourself a little bit! :)




About me: I’m 17 and a senior in high school. love so many things, there isn’t really anything I don’t like! I have an open mind, I love being creative. I love the outdoors and I’m all about being yourself! I don’t discriminate at all and I want to know people of all over the world! I should say that I am gay and have a girlfriend of two years (just for those who care about that kind of stuff!)

Pen-pals I’m looking for: Someone who will stay consistent with writing back for a long term! Someone who has a lot to talk about and doesn’t let the conversation die easily.I’m a very creative person and always add little quirks to my letters and I would love someone who does the same! I prefer snail mail and a lot of times I will send packages!(:

I’m always in a good mood, I love meeting new people! Tell me your story, anything about you because I’m 110% sure that I will be interested!

Lets be friends?(:

 Sorry for submitting twice, the other one didn’t have a picture!

Name: Pilahi
Age: 23
Gender: non binary
Location: California, USA
Language: English

About: Just an a Hawaiian mixed person trying to finish up college without going into debt. I also like call my 4 cockatiels chickens.

Likes: Hooping, Hula, gardening, cooking, tv, nintendo ds, ps3, doodling, paganism, occult studies, diy beauty, music, reading, writing, herbalism, TEA, cats, dogs, parrots, birds of prey, Hawaii, swimming, the beach, camping, music, baking, art
Dislikes: Bell peppers, extremists, homophobia, transphobia, clutter, double standards, dolls (they creep me out), mirrors that face the bed (creeps me out even more)

What I’m looking for in a penpal:

  • Location: Any 
  • Gender: Any as long as you don’t ID as male (I’m sorry, men just make me really nervous)
  • Age: 21-37  
  • Type: Snail Mail, Cultural Exchange, Package Pals (Wont be able to do that one till after july :C )

Contact info: