10 random facts about me

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1. I really like the colour purple. But not all purples only like a royal purple

2. When i get older (meaning I have my own place) I want to get a few cats. Not like a crazy amount but more than one.

3. I’m really good at remembering people’s birthdays

4. I really like to make people smile. That is probably one of the things that can make me the happiest.

5. Watching  sports have basically taken over my life.

6. I get mistaken for a really young boy. Getting my hair cut today, the guy couldn’t believe I’m in 3rd year of university without skipping any grades.

7. I have this thing where I can’t leave a text not read. Even if I’m super mad at the person and have no intention of talking to them right then. It just bothers me not opening the message.

8. I don’t like coffee or tea. Just the smell of coffee bugs me and tea just reminds me of being sick as a kid where my dad would try to force me to drink it.

9. I’ve had to wear glasses since the age of 4 :(

10. I really want to travel to Australia.

I don’t have any favourite followers so I’m just going to randomly pick

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Tumblr Crushes:

  • eclecticbanana - born on Tatooine, a talented Jedi and pilot, but fell prey to the dark side!
  • veronicles - opposes James Bond through her international terror organization SMERSH!
  • snafuzzy - brought Neo to a small room filled with video screens and explained the fate of ‘the one’!
  • freesalad -foil of the world’s greatest detective and a Professor of Advanced Mathematics!
  • somethingchanged -split her soul into several pieces and embedded them in objects known as horcruxes!
  • thepinakes -holds the patent on barcodes and frozen yogurt, and will one day synthesize the two into pure evil!
  • coyotesqrl -vows revenge against Superman!
  • marikoyama -sent from the future to find and assassinate John Connor!
  • machinegunmiddlefingrz -former President Of The United States Richard Nixon… since the accident.

snafuzzy said:

Not sure what is up with they anon grey faces, but I'll give you a hug if it's okay with you. And asking if you could hug back also. If no, I'm good with just asking. Hope your day is splendid. This non-anon is off to REM.

I LOVE HUGS and I’ve been told that my hugs are the best.  C: So, I always give people hugs. It makes everyone feel wonderful.

Hug feesstt C:


snafuzzy replied to your post: SCUPPER. DAMNIT IT MASTERS. Stop winning ALL the…

Competitions suck for that. I tend to give up on them all together now unless I’m really bored. I still don’t have a familiar and have been playing for 5 years. Fam hoarders/sellers take away the fun of them.

I mean, heck. I also hate botters. 

As someone who legitly puzzles and having certain goals (#1rigsplox), I can admire people who puzzle really well. At the same time, give others a chance! D:> Mumblegrumblesuperpuzzlers.

I always do have a chance at competitions— especially the puzzles I can actually do. Placing #6 overall is pretty awesome on the Sailing/Rigging/Patching, but it doesn’t have prizes. Booo.

I’m not sure why I chose to click reply to your reply and then kind of get off topic. :[

Anywhos, between me (4 years) and my other half (6 years), we have 5 fams and a few shoppes. Most of them were gifts.

Also, I hear they’ve lowered the chances of pulling familiars out of SMHes/HSes/CIs/etc. :[

snafuzzy said:

Yeah, I mean we have sandwich makers here too, or counter-top plug in grills, however it's just easier to turn on the stove and use a pan. BBQ in Canada is all about meat or grilled veggies. Canadians are pretty hardcore on bbq season.

Never really thought about it that way. 

Nobody down under ever cooks grilled cheese in a pan.