Girl’s Day Yura’s Twitter:
바쁘 신데
와주셔서 감사합니다^^
어색했지만 너무 재밌었어요
다음엔 더 재밌게….!!하하하>.<


Busy dayThanks for coming^^
It was kind of awkward but I had a lot of fun too
Let’s have more fun next time…!! Hahaha >.<

141021 Youngji’s twitter update:

카밀리아♡♡ 비오는날에도 오셔서 응원해주셔서 감사해요♡ 녹화내내 힘이났어요♡♡불끈!! 오늘 모든분들이 너무 맛있게잘먹었습니당♡♡ 저도 지금녹화끝나고들어가는길에 먹고있습니당>< 헤헤 맛있어요 감사합니다♡♡

Kamilia♡ thank you for coming to support me even though it’s raining♡ i gained strength throughout the shooting♡♡
today everyone really enjoyed the meals♡♡ right now i’m on my way back while eating it>< hehe it’s great. thank you♡ 

Kamilia♡Gracias por venir a apoyarme aunque está lloviendo♡Gané fuerza en el rodaje♡♡Hoy todos disfrutaron de la comida♡♡Ahora mismo estoy en mi camino de vuelta mientras como ><hehe está bueno, gracias♡

Eng trans by @Yuda | Span trans by fyeahyoungji | Take out with full credits

'Twas my intention, upon leaving mine house this eve, to engage in revelry and merriment, but I now, to speak true, feel at this moment as though I am under siege.

- Mercutio, Romeo and Juliet

I came out here to have a good time, and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.