Even if this dude’s pants don’t kill him, he’s not out of danger. According to the blurb. “Even if he knew ahead of time the mysterious stranger was a vampire, being in the man’s bed would’ve still topped David’s Christmas wish list—and he was Jewish!”

Editor’s note: So is he just so klutzy he can’t climb three steps without accidentally losing his pants? Because it doesn’t look like his friend there had anything to do with it, he’s just that special all on his own.

Welcome to Lemons for Limes and Jily Kink Meme's first Twelve Days of Jily Smutmas! We thought it would be fun to have a smut event for our favorite couple this holiday season. This event will feature themes that include a kink and something holiday related on each day between December 25th and January 5th. Participants can post fics, gifs, graphics, and any forms of art in relation to these themes.


  • No level of experience with smut is required to participate
  • The Lemons for Limes and Jily Kink Meme blogs will be reblogging all participants’ work so posts must be tagged as “Jily” and “Jily Smutmas” within the first five tags
  • Make sure to put the day and theme somewhere within the post
  • No rape or dubious consent within participating works
  • Must be original work
  • Themes can be up to personal interpretation (however if you would like some clarification on anything, feel free to to contact either blog)


  • On the First Day of Smutmas (Wednesday, 12/25): Well-Fucked and Wrapping Presents
  • On the Second Day of Smutmas (Thursday, 12/26): Confessions and Christmas Lights
  • On the Third Day of Smutmas (Friday, 12/27): Handjobs and Hot Chocolate
  • On the Fourth Day of Smutmas (Saturday, 12/28): Oral and Ornaments
  • On the Fifth Day of Smutmas (Sunday, 12/29): Gags and Gifts
  • On the Sixth Day of Smutmas (Monday, 12/30): Restraints and Ribbons
  • On the Seventh Day of Smutmas (Tuesday, 12/31): Neck and New Years
  • On the Eighth Day of Smutmas (Wednesday, 1/1): Multiple Orgasms and Music
  • On the Ninth Day of Smutmas (Thursday, 1/2): Snuggling and Snow
  • On the Tenth Day of Smutmas (Friday, 1/3): PDA and Parties
  • On the Eleventh Day of Smutmas (Saturday, 1/4): Markers of Arousal and Mistletoe
  • On the Twelfth Day of Smutmas (Sunday, 1/5): Exposure and Eggnog

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lemons for Limes or Jily Kink Meme.

Have fun!

NaNoWriMo seems like a such a surreal month to me. Like, how did it happen. How did I end up with 50,000 words? How could I sit down for 1-3 hours every day and crack out at least 1667 words when now I can’t even find the motivation to open up a word document.

Good on me, that took ridiculous willpower. If only I could have stayed in the habit.

ishallshipuntilidie asked:

I know Smutmas 2014 was a special occasion (which I eternaly great happened) but is there any chance you'll do the anon prompt cause I read it a ddddaaaaaammmmmmmmm

Is this the prostate massage request? I believe both mab-speaks and malkuthehighwind mentioned being interested in writing it. If you mean that Jercy jealousy one, then that little blurb I wrote is all I really had to say on the subject- I’m not really interested in expanding my thoughts. If it’s another one, sorry, but I really don’t have any intention of filling requests.

A lot of people’s requests are really fucking hot, which is kind of why I publish them instead of deleting them, so others might write them, but when I say I’m not going to write something, that’s pretty much final.

If you’re curious as to why I don’t take requests and don’t change my mind, I’ve explained that here.