Okay, so I have these two lovelies and I’ve just put facet on them. I was going to make them crystal/facet, but I’ve gotten this far and… eh, well, I do generally like to do what’s best for the dragon, (and that’s not what’s usually best for my bottom line, which is why most of the couples I’ve gened recently have been iri-shim. It looked best with their particular color sets). I do like the way they look with iridescent facet quite a lot, and is probably what I’d go with if you twisted my arm, but their babies are for others to buy and I want to know what… you want I suppose. If you had to choose. 

So! Leave as is? 

Or go full gem?

I am the question to all answers.

Tablo, “Nocturne”

In “Lesson 1,” Tablo says, “Genius is not the answer to all questions. It’s the question to all answers.” He’s saying that people think that a genius is someone who knows all the answers, but a true genius is someone who questions all the answers. It is a critique on how society and people accept things as they are without thinking for themselves. In this quote, he implies that he is the genius because he questions all answers.

Just a quick value practice because I swear light will always be something I struggle with, though it’s definitely because I don’t play with enough references :P. I might try some of the stuff James Gurney does when he paints.

Decided to paint one of my nocturnes. Here’s hoping I bother refine and finish this. :P