yes-allmonstersarehuman tagged me! Thank you so much, sweetie ♥

1. People call me Ionny, Io, Ioan (when my friends tease me), Ionna… -___-

2. Brown, green, gray. Hazel?

3. Boring brown hair…

4. I love sparkly and shiny things OwO My love…

5. Light blue, turquoise, lime green, pink

6. Tsarevo, Bulgaria <3 This town is so calm, quiet and the sea there is just… UUURGH I LOVE IT.

7. Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Gerard Butler, Katherine Heigl

8. Fish, dolphins, butterflies

9. Right now I like Robotman by Rick Wakeman (link:

10. Eh, I don’t read that much… 

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