I never thought that I’d grow up to have these idiots that I see through a screen completely take over my life. I guess I’m fine with it though. ;)

anonymous asked:

Smosh can go die. Its just a group of a bunch of gay faggots who don't deserve to live. I don't understand why people like them. Seriously people? get a life

Ok there Anon. You need to sit down and think about what you are saying. Ian and Anthony are the most life saving people ever. They’ve been making scripts and working hard for us for almost 10 years now. THEY HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING PEOPLE LONGER THAN ANY YOUTUBER NOW. Everyday they tell their viewers that they love them and make a new video every. single. week. THEY LOVE AND CARE FOR US. Many YouTubers are going to make their own television show and won’t be in YouTube anymore. Anthony and Ian have been offered that choice, but you know what they did. THEY SAID NO!!! Because they want to stay on YouTube where they can be more happy. Anon I don’t know why you hate beloved people like them, but Dont You Ever Talk that way about them.