This was my reaction to Kalel’s tweet, seriously my stomach flipped as if it were in the olympics. Since she deleted her tweets and if you don’t know, she basically tweeted about going on a date for the first time and just because she just broke up with Anthony and isn’t looking for any commitment doesn’t mean she can’t date and i have to agree, respectfully.


She spilled Anthony’s private information about him dating and that is 

Not okay

She was in the wrong in that and what I don’t understand is why she HAS to tweet she’s dating as if she were oblivious to the fact that many people, including her fans won’t take it lightly because she and Anthony had been together for a very long time and to say she has started to date again after only 3 moths, she should have at least expected a lot of hate, I’m just saying.


If Anthony has dated recently, and after all the ianthony we have been receiving after the break-ups, I’m simply wishing they, Ian and Anthony, were dating.

But if not, it’s fine either way…If Anthony’s happy I suppose but y’know, it sinks my ship….again.