Cazy Cheryl Conversion {The Sims 4}
Credit: Cazy, Pooklet
Disclaimer: Transperancy Issues around roots, bones assigned somewhat smoothly but sometimes it looks weird, in general it’s pretty normal looking though, hat fit mesh not really included? I guess you could say it is for sunhats but that’s about it lol, feel free to retexture but please give me and cazy credit.
D r o p b o x  |  M e g a

I think I might have not assigned the bones to the LODs? I playtested it though and nothing crashed, if it crashes for you please tell me.


2015 Spring Summer Jane Iredale Collection

Limited Edition Getaway Eye Shadow Kit, £39.95

Jane Iredale eyeshadows are highly pigmented which are simple to blend, sensitivity tested, crease-free and long lasting. 

Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner in shade Espresso, £19.95 

 A beautiful shimmery brown grey. I just love how soft and creamy these feel eyeliner are and free from chemicals and irritants. The gel liner provides and long-wearing, water resistant colour that glides on smoothly and is super pigmented! 

Forever Peach Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain, £22.00

This multi-purpose lip and cheek stain is a must in your make-up bag! A non-drying, long-lasting, all natural stain that adjusts to an individual’s own chemistry for a beautiful peach shade that flatters anyone’s undertones and enhances natural colouring. The ingredients include olive butter, avocado butter and wild rose wax to soothe and soften lips, while rose flower wax and beeswax nourish and moisturise the lips.

Jane Iredale Make-up Brushes (ranging from £9.00-£40.00)

All jane Iredale brushes have a stunning Scandinavian design and all are hand-tied so only the kindest part of the hair touches delicate skin! It feels like luxury when working with these brushes. 

The spring summer collection & make-up brushes are available now on;



@Louis is my son.
  • Louis:*singing any of his solos.
  • Me:*heart temporarily stops and chest hurts.
  • Louis:*voice cracks, wavers, changes key.
  • Me:*gets overly anxious.
  • Louis:*gets through solo smoothly and safely.
  • Me:*collapses and beams with pride because, Louis.
Chapters: 6/?
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Levi/Eren Yeager
Characters: Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin), Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Erwin Smith, Hange Zoë, Kenny Ackerman
Additional Tags: Action/Adventure, Serial Killers, Alternate Universe - Police, Crimes & Criminals, gunfights, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Established Relationship
Series: Part 2 of Danger Line

After the fall of his father, Eren is now the owner of Hotel titan. After marrying Levi, the former hitman of a mafia syndicate, Eren is finally settling down. But when Levi’s father drops in for an unexpected visit, Levi becomes adamant about keeping Eren’s interest elsewhere.
But nothing ever works out so smoothly.

A second part to Danger Line because I want a serial killer au with SnK’s greatest badass (just without having to set up another modern setting) owo


Although her drive had actually started out pretty smoothly, and she’d been making better time than the last drive she made from Florida to North Carolina, Avia had hit traffic around 5:30, and it had added over an hour onto her journey. By the time she was pulling into the visitors parking lot of UNC, the car smell was honestly making her feel like she had to throw up. Of course, the minute she saw the person she’d put herself through this mind-numbing journey for, walking along the parking lot towards her, that feeling went away, and she couldn’t keep the smile from her lips. The parking lot was relatively empty, so she was able to drive right up to him and park in the closest space to where he stood. Giving her stomach a second to settle, she simply rolled down her window, looking up at him, “Hey, stranger,” she smiled, reaching her hand out to motion him down to her, “Come kiss me.”

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Gabe, is there anything good about coming out? I wanna tell my family I'm lesbian, but it just scares me half to death every time I think about it.

Gabe: “…if they truly love you, they would understand.”

Yeah, I wouldn’t care if any of my kids turned out gay, I’d be more concerned on what to plan for dinner that night.

Seriously though, it is a scary situation for everyone. But I hope things go smoothly with your folks. It helps to know their opinion on it first as well.

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They say that the course of true love never runs smoothly and I know that the Good Wife writers love to put obstacles in the paths of people who are meant to be together. Unfortunately they are re-visiting the familiar route of the ‘love triangle’ - YAWN!. I was so freaked out by the sneak peek pics - so fed up with this love triangle crap.  They are really messing with us.  Anyway I think the ‘obstacle’/’love triangle’ in this story would be far more interesting if the TGW writers developed it better than I ever could.

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Hi! I need some help because I wanna go vegetarian (so maybe in the future I can smoothly transition into vegan) and the only actual animals I eat right now are turkey and chicken and that's because I need the protein in my diet and I've been trying to find a good substitute but I really don't like tofu and I can't just eat a million beans to make up for it. Any advice or suggestions?

You don’t need to! Here are a list of things Vegetarians/Vegan eat for protein! Prepare yourself.
Peanut butter, lentils, almonds, quinoa, soy milk, oatmeal, bulghur, walnuts, bean sprouts, pasta, sunflower seeds, avocados, peas, almond milk, hemp seeds, brown rice, black-eyed peas, green beans, spinach, broccoli, black beans, cashews, flax, veggie burgers, whole wheat bread, tofu (its okay, i dont like tofu either), pinto beans, almond butter, peanuts, chickpeas, kidney beans, cauliflower, pistachios, brussels sprouts, pecans, macadamia nuts, coconuts, and basically everything else on this planet :) x

Mr Lauda chp2

guis I’ve been so productive writing this something’s clearly wrong :’D

Chpt 1, Chpt 2

The day goes well for James. By three o’clock he’s collected his rambunctious son from nursery, all smiles and winks for the eternally unimpressed Mr Lauda watching the collection of children from the gate, and has Freddy bundled in the car and home by four.

After games, a bit of telly, and a session of food art on the table – which was James’ misguided hopes that Freddie would keep his spaghetti on the plate – he’s about to put his toddler to bed when, with a single sentence, he realises his day had apparently gone far too smoothly for some Higher Power’s liking.

“Daddy, where’s Hesky?” James stops in his tracks and looks at Freddie who’s stood in the doorway, his tiny forehead creased with confusion. A lost Hesky was definitely not a good sign.

“When did you last have him, champ?”

“I-I don’t know, can’t find him, what if-”

James rushes to hush the quickly despairing child.

“Hey hey, it’s ok we’ll find Hesky, we just have to have a look for him, let’s do that now shall we?” James smiles hopefully, jiggling Freddie’s little hands playfully in his own until he coaxes a smile. The child nods his head with a sniff and together they begin their search.

But Hesky was nowhere to be found.

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You deserted your wife and child to take care of yourself and get better I'm sorry I can't write mean things how about I kick him in the balls instead

Chris seems a little startled and uncertain, half ready to get mad — abandoned, they said, abandoned, as if he’d run off on some personal vacation and just never come back, oh how that infuriated him. But they transition smoothly into something sympathetic, apologetic, and hinting at physical violence, and it’s a bit dizzying.

"Er, don’t?" he suggests at last, brows furrowing. "Kick anyone in the balls, I mean."

What I understood of what is going on these days by looking at my dash
  • People who don't track/browse tags:lmao
  • People with unknown blogs and a few followers:oh how the tables have tabled
  • 4chan:wtf is homestuck even
  • Homestucks:oh same

"Fear makes you rude, Will."