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Just gessing if you can share a good green smoothie recipe. . I'm really craving it but i've never made one! What would you do with spinach bananas and strawberries?

I don’t really drink green smoothies, but if I did I would just make:
- 4-5 frozen bananas
- handful of spinach
- 1 frozen mango
And you can just add strawberries instead of mango if you like! Xx

Healthy smoothies are a great way to start your day or follow up an intense workout. Take a look at these 51 healthy smoothies recipes under 200 calories. I find #32 to be the most yummy!

13 Creamy Smoothies So Good They're Basically Milkshakes in Disguise

When your sweet-tooth cravings hit, smoothies may not be the first option you think of. After all, this cool drink seems more appropriate for breakfast and sounds way too healthy. Milkshakes, on the other hand, are practically irresistible, which is why we searched for smoothie recipes that reflected the texture and taste of a frothy shake. The recipes here look like your favorite milkshakes, there are even vegan options, and they can easily be re-created right in your kitchen.

Lovers of mint chip ice cream will enjoy this Thin Mint smoothie made of spinach, chocolate chips, and Greek yogurt.

It looks and tastes like a vanilla milkshake, but this vegan drink is actually a smoothie. You can quickly satisfy your sweet-tooth craving with this four-ingredient concoction.

For a sweet Summer day treat, a peaches and cream smoothie will hit all the right spots.

A smoothie that tastes like a creamsicle is a win-win situation. Make it for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

This frothy banana drink will satisfy every fruit-lover’s taste buds.

Full of flavor and richness, an eggnog smoothie works as any postmeal treat.

If you can’t resist Girl Scout cookies, then you definitely won’t be able to step away fromthis smoothie inspired by the classic Samoa and Caramel deLite cookies.

This smoothie has the perfect combo of creamy, sweet, and fruity flavors.

Make your weekend mornings instantly better with a frothy and thick chocolate smoothie. The original recipe is served warm, but it can easily be blended cold too.

You won’t be able to stop making this creamy banana shake-smoothie once you taste its velvety-smooth texture. It’s made with almond butter, but feel free to substitute with peanut butter or your favorite nut butter.

This lightened-up Frappuccino suits every Starbucks-lover.

The mango lassi is tart, slightly sweet, and 100 percent creamy.

A classic tropical drink turns into a fresh and flavorful piña colada smoothie.

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

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DIY 2 Flavored Ice Cube Tutorials.

Top Photo: DIY Fresh Fruit Ice Cubes from Let’s Mingle.

Bottom Photo: DIY Layered Coconut Milk and Juice Ice Cubes from Oh Joy! blog.

I also posted 2 DIY Fruit and Herb Flavored Waters Below.

DIY Naturally Flavored Herb and Fruit Water Recipes and Instructions from The Yummy Life here. Lots of tips for making this cheap alternative to soda with simple recipes.

  • citrus blend
  • raspberry lime
  • watermelon rosemary
  • blackberry sage
  • pineapple mint

Here are 3 more Fruit Herb Infused Water Recipes from Free People Blog here. 

  • Watermelon and Cilantro Infused Water
  • Blackberry and Mint Infused Water
  • Cucumber, Cilantro, and Dill Infused Water

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