Do you skip breakfast? STOP IT! “Researchers found that there is more brain activation in response to high-calorie items when a person has skipped breakfast. Ample evidence proved that skipping breakfast made people hungrier and increased the appeal of high-calorie foods and the amount people ate later in the day.” (Source: HuffPo) If you’re pressed for time, make this quick, vitamin-packed breakfast: smoothie made with spinach, zucchini, apple and pineapple juice with a half of a cantaloupe. Easy and yummy!
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Whooooty-whoooo! Panera has green smoothies now! Peach, mango, white grape juice, passion fruit juice, water and a cup of spinach. (Yes I asked for the exact ingredients from the store manager- ha!) Not too sweet or sugary. Less than $5. Great option when you can’t make your own at home! #SmoothieJam! 💚💚💚

Good morning loves! Starting my day with a nutrient-packed green smoothie. Spinach, zucchini, an orange, an apple, chia seeds and 8oz pure pineapple juice (with no sugar added). Delish! Tip: Be sure to add your smoothie ingredients one-by-one into your blender so it’s nice and smooth. My blender is not fancy-schmancy at all -it’s actually 20 years old! I rescued it from my mom’s basement and it works like a charm, but adding my veggies/fruit bit-by-bit ensures I don’t have any clumps. The lesson is this: work with what you got! 😉 #greensmoothie #smoothiejam

Green smoothie party ova here! I need tons of energy for all the stuff going on in my life-whew! ….💚FAQ’s:💚 Each jar has one whole zucchini, 2 huge handfuls of spinach, 2 green apples, a dash of chia seeds, flax seeds, water and a splash of pineapple juice. 💚 I made them in a blender, adding each ingredient one by one to ensure a nice, smooth texture. My blender is OLD-it’s nothing fancy so use whatever you got! 💚 These are quart size mason jars from the grocery store, check the hardware aisle. Walmart has them, too. 💚 I’m still having a light breakfast and lunch, but the smoothies ensure I get my raw veggies and tons of vitamins for the day, too. They are like my “snacks.” 💚

Any other questions my loves? Ask below! LOOOOVE y'all!! #eatfromtheearth #smoothiejam #greensmoothie #simplegreensmoothies

Admittedly, I need a reboot. I’ve been a wee bit overwhelmed these past few weeks and my body is feeling the effects. I’ll be detoxing for a week or so by drinking only smoothies to give my soul a boost! From L to R: green smoothie with zucchini, spinach, and apple; lemon water; smoothie with blueberries, almond milk and Plant Fusion vanilla protein powder; green smoothie with kale, zucchini and pear. #smoothiejam #simplegreensmoothies #greensmoothie

Having a midday “snack.” Raw zucchini and spinach, a whole orange, a few cantaloupe chunks, chia seeds and 8 oz of pure pineapple juice. These smoothies keep me full between meals. I no longer keep typical processed snacks on hand. I used to eat those 100 calorie packs, Luna bars, etc…but I feel MUCH better and more energized now that I have a fresh veggie and fruit smoothie as a snack instead. Avoiding most processed food has worked wonders for me overall. My mantra: Eat from the Earth, not from a wrapper. 😉 #SmoothieJam #greensmoothie

Happiness in a jar! Scooped out a half of a watermelon and blended it into a frothy, yummy smoothie for breakfast. Added flaxseed for fiber, omega 3 and protein. Stop going to Jamba Juice & Smoothie King y'all– save your money and make REAL fruit smoothies at home! So easy and delicious! #eatfromtheearth #smoothiejam #simplegreensmoothies