Strawberry Pear Banana Smoothie Recipe

Ingredients: 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, one frozen banana, 1 cup fresh or frozen pear chunks, and 1/2 cup water.

Method: Thaw the frozen fruit in cold water until it’s all just a little mushy. Cut the banana up into smaller pieces so it’ll blend more easily. Put all of the ingredients into a blender, blend to your desired consistency, top with chia seeds, then enjoy!

Jenny's Stuff Post (More shit will be added when I find stuff)
Most important thing for a Highschool literature class
Link to Links for almost all textbooks
When to wake up
Refs for papers
Interactive periodic table
Does your Math
Pay attention, Murmor noise
Take college classes online
Geography Facts
Cram for exams
Writers Helper
What’s that word?
Guided answers
Plot Generator
How UK flag works
classic books
Text Manipulator
Have a break, Listen to the dingy bubbles
Language translator Dictionaries
Greek Gods Family Tree
World Factbook
Roman Empire
Language Learner

To Remember
Gif search
What is my IP Adress?
In one second
If our moon was only 1 pixil
Sharky follows your mouse
Cheap Student Flights
What it is like to be low income worker
Turn you handwriting into a font
American Dialect Quiz
Learn Enochian
Facts about names
Play telephone
Look at reading in pimp talk
WTF Should I do today?
What should I do with my life?
Fair Priced clothing
"Who is this people?"
Tree thing
How to Disappear(Off the internet)
Account Killer
Am I getting a good deal?
Voice Recorder
A weird website of things
Icon Maker
Old sounds archive
Interactive film
Cool Facts and Things
Apartment Hunter

Awesome Tumblr theme
Make a basic CSS for tumblr
Veiw your tumblr history sorta?
Free domain names

Blog Pinger thing One
Another Domain Checker
The Other Domain Checker
Alternate to Paypal
Altumate buy search
Games!!!(Online, Download, Board) Crazy runner game
Cards Against Humanity Online :3
Older games online
Psycological Game (ohmy)
Build with Legos online
Game Website
A game called”Sherlock”
Super addicting game 2048
Pissed at flappy bird?Play this ^v^
The End
A color Game
Play with Letters
A weird website of games
Snake game
Fly Guy
Spiderweb messer
Plants vs Zombies

Entertainment(Movies, Shows, Reading)
watch tv shows (no sign up!)
watch Supernatural (no sign up!)
Watch Phil of the future and many other shows for FREE
Open Sea Cam
Anime watcher
Moving Mouse following Puffer fish
Youtube Mp3 converter
Documentary links
Oh look! Books!
What book should I read next?
Jane Austin books (Masterpost?)

Music Leek Song :D (Kinda like the Nyan website)
Listen to the music
Music Matrix
Make some Music
How to make songs into Ringtones using iTunes
Free Music (Remember to Uncheck the box)
Free Music (Check to see If file works)
100 years of rock chart
FInd Facts about songs

Glitter in a jar
Make a Wrap Bracelet
Awesome crafts :D
constalation Scarf
Make your own First Blade
Fold your Textmessages

Be inspired by Himruya (the man who made Hetalia!)
Drawing face Profiles
People eye ref
Lip ref
Color Blender
mouse movement art
Cool Art Coloration!!!
Drawing human hands
Color palette maker
Make cool art :)
Drawing Torsos
Wing ref
Painting blood Faces ref
Hair Ref
Clothing ref mp
Human Arm ref
Another expression ref (big)
Meow ref
Human Ear ref
Drawing Wrinkles on stuff
Drawin glowing stuff on cps
How to do pixels
People wings
Making sketches digital on photoshop
Krita drawing software download
More Free Software

Photo Aid things
How to Use photoshop
Photo Editor online
another Photo Editor online( sorta like piknic?)
IS filter suggestion things

Opening stuck Jars
Food Life
Food in a mug
Perfect Tea
Vitamin water
Food for times
Pi Pie
Carmel apple Nachos
Nutella Fudge
Folding Pastries
Nutella Hot Chocolate
Oreo cookie butter
Starbucks Recipes
15 pound snickers bar
Reeses Cheesecake!!!!
Little oreo cheesecakes
Big Oreo cheesecake
Mini Tortilla pizzas
French Toast Rollups, Yum !
Cookie in a cup
Smores stuffed cookie
Where should I go to drink?
How to make tea

Important: To unCapitalize words , Highlight and then shift + F3 
Body Language
People types
Characterization types
Name generator
Name everything generator Post
Degrees of emotion
Write Galafreyan
Write Encohian
Writing Recourse list
Writing Smut
Describe colors
phonetic alphabet
Describe Voices
Demon Names
Write Like Hemmingway
Space Tracker
A place to post fan stories

Color Psychology
What’s a nap good for?
Drop personal thoughts
Scary accurate personality test
Burn stomach fat
Recovery Ref
Get high on music tests
Do something nice for yourself (legs)
Colorblindness simulator
food geometry WTF is for dinner?
Walk on Ice
Utilize a mind palace

Eye makeup
Fightin’ Hands
Glasses Makeup
Fishtail braid
Crayon Lipstick!!!!
Coolaid lip stain :D
Gorey skin
Everyday Cosplay
Other Masterposts

How to be an adult Person: Help masterpost
How to Survive Places
Writing Masterpost
My Movie master post!!
art Ref Blog :D

(( thanks to the other Masterpost makers, for doing such a great job on their masterlists and such you have found Sooo many usefull things, thanks, Refinnej))