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is two bananas enough for a smoothie bowl?

If that fills you up then yes! I usually use like 5-6 but thats just me :) x

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Hey Tess! I bought the "Breville Boss blender" recently because my other blender just wasn't powerful enough and this one is absolutely amazing!! It does the creamiest smoothies and ice cream, and grinds nuts into flours perfectly and even has a smoothie setting and a pause/play button and I basically can't rave about it enough haha Look into it if you're returning your other blender!

If i return this blender im just getting a food processor or some cheap thing. I’ll be 60 and still no found the right blender for me hahahah 😟

Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake for DINNER!
I rarely eat solid foods for dinner but I do get mean cravings for not-at-all-good-for-you-but-taste-so-yummy foods. And if I decide to not drink my mean green machine smoothie this is my sin of choice:
6-8 oz of coconut milk
A handful of power greens
1/2 or 1 full banana
1-2 Tbsp of natural peanut butter
Cocoa powder (but I forgot to buy so I used a few pieces of Dove Dark Chocolate bar)
And water to mellow the taste if it’s TOO-MUCH-OF-AN-AMAZING-THING .. by melanyfish

Today’s breakfast: #ricepudding with mixed berries, a #greensmoothie and two buns with avocado, hummus, salad and dried tomatoes. Long day at work today!
Heute gibt es Milchreis aus Reismilch mit gemischten Früchten, einen grünen Smoothie und Brötchen mit Hummus, Avocado, getrockneten Tomaten und Salat. Heute wird ein langer Tag auf Arbeit aber natürlich habe ich mir eine große Dose mit Birne, Apfel, Möhre und Sellerie zum Mitnehmen gemacht! Wünsche euch einen schönen Freitag.
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Day 11 - 3846 cals - 2015.02.25

Breakfast (231 cals): Almond-goji berry Smoothie - i know it looks gross, i forgot to take a photo beforehand.

Lunch (409 cals ):  50g quinoa

100g sweet potato

30g lentils

80g broccoli

Dinner (prepare yourselves for that fat bitch … 3205 cals - that’s more than I am aiming to eat in TWO DAYS, let alone one evening): 

3 large glasses of white wine

1 bag of crisps

a chicken burger

Dominos (small pizza, bbq chicken wings, potato wedges)

Toast with honey & banana

Embarrassed and annoyed at myself. I do this whenever I drink and make excuses. I had organised for me and my friends to go to the theatre and was stressing about it going well and then it was me who was embarrassingly drunk, both binge eating and drinking, I wish I could control myself more but I also hate the controlling person I feel I have become, I wonder whether my friends would be my friends if we met today?

My friends are on weight loss/health kicks too. I’m happy for them being successful but I can’t help feeling jealous that they have lost weight seemingly easily and so much quicker than I have (one lost 6lbs in a week - it’s taken me 7 months to lose 12lbs). I just want to take a pill and go back to when I felt comfortable with who I was and wasn’t constantly stressed or feeling anxious about not doing the right thing - uni work, work, volunteering, looking for internships, socialising, being too loud in a group.

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Ever had an orange/strawberry smoothie with a little bit of ice cream?

i haven’t, that sounds like it would be really food with vanilla ice cream though!


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Rachel Beller and Ninja® Kitchen - Very Berry Smoothie Recipe using Nutri Ninja® with Auto-iQ™

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I'm the main opener at my store because we're so short handed. It kills me x.x But I make up for it at home by making the best smoothies ever. I only have strawberries and oranges at the moment, so I hope that's ok.

orange smoothies are great too :3


Thought I told you that we won’t stop. Hahaha now got my thing #Breakfast #Smoothies #FutureLife #KambrookBoys #Kambrook


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Paleo Diet Smoothies Recipe Book + Paleo Breakfast Recipes.