Anyone else having GI related issues on paleo?

Before I started paleo, I’d have a shake in the morning with oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese, peanutbutter, water, and fruit. I would have that at around 7am and that would hold me over to lunch.

Now that I’m on Paleo, I make a shake in the AM that has coconut milk and almond butter. The first few times I made the shake I didn’t have any problems, and it kept me satiated until around lunch. However, recently when I make the shake with the coconut milk and almond butter I find myself having to run to the bathroom. If I cut down on the almond butter or coconut milk my stomach is fine, but then I get hungry rather quickly.

Anyone else been having any similar problems? I basically need to find something that is filling without causing stomach distress. I prefer smoothies because they are quick to make and I don’t have a ton of time in the AM. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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The Late Smoothie

A man is walking home at night, alone, with a smoothie in hand. There’s a melancholy in him that cannot be explained, which for him, can only be reasoned as: existence. He thinks about jumping off a building. It bothers him that suicide is so frequently thought, but that does nothing to stop it. He thinks of times in further desperation where it was much closer. He thinks these ideas, the ones arising now, must come from boredom, but he then realizes this cannot be the boredom other people feel. He thinks about  talking to someone about it, where someone is a euphemism for a shrink, and he envisions himself describing the suicidal ideation, but it is to no avail, so he dismisses the idea. He thinks back to a conversation he had earlier that day with his girlfriend on the topic of serial killers who commit suicide at the end .Why do they even bother to kill anyone? she asked. He understands this, but he cannot articulate it. Or at least he does not permit himself to dedicate the thought to understanding the why, and the reason he feels he knows. He thinks to himself that he’s glad he didn’t become a serial killer – not yet – and then realizes he never will be, and is at least a bit relieved. He is saddened by the crushing force of depression, but moreso, the reemergence of suicidal thought, something he remembers once having vanquished, but clearly, not in sufficient terms. He thought of what he did to conquer that realm of thought, how to control himself both in action and in thought to eliminate that possibility.

            “Might as well ride it out,” he reasons. “I should enjoy and indulge myself the best I can, because this is all it is.”

            He closes his eyes and listens to the crickets. They sound wonderful. And as he does that, he takes another sip of his smoothie, a and it reaffirms the idolatry of sense. He finally removes the melancholy, and it was done thus with a smoothie, and it was done thus with sense and sense alone.

Today’s meals/dinner: today was long (only ate leftovers from yesterday and overnight oats for breakfast) and I only just managed to get home relax and then follow the whim to make the persimmon creamy smoothie from the post/inspiration this morning from the lovely oatflake

Thank you! It was super yummy! I ate it with coconut instead of chocolate. Though it might be an acquired taste for some since my sister thought it was too much of a slimy texture haha :P  

Awesomeness in a bowl of fruits, raw food, vegan you name it! <3

Today I will do what others don’t , so tomorrow I can do what others can’t . Don’t be afraid to be different. 😛 #SmoothieKing #Chicken smoothie mixed with #Tuna #LookGoodNaked #ripped #jacked #shredded #aesthetic #vascular #fitness #gymlife #instagrambodybuilding #flex #instafit #motivation #fit #abs
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my kingdom for a show where there’s a team of some kind of specialists that is rather evenly distributed genderwise and some white boy joins the team and tries hitting on one of the women and one of his coworkers is like “she doesn’t bat for your team mate” and so he’s like “oh” and then hits on another one and she’s like “sorry i’m in a relationship” and then he’s like “grrrr” and kind of pathetically asks one of the other women out and she’s just like “sorry not interested” and he gets really dejected and goes to some pizzaria and drinks like 4 beers and then looks over at another table and all 3 of the girls who turned him down are sharing a really big smoothie with three straws and holding hands and stuff and he’s just like :(

#Repost from @veganista_q8 with @repostapp —- 🍃Green Smoothies anyone? I always feel like after a day of over-indulging, I need a “green smoothie” day to cleanse my system and just give my body a break. I didn’t have my usual ingredients but it was still good.. and my #glassdharma straws match perfectly😍 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃 Here’s what’s in these: 🌿2 kale leaves
🌿 1 cup baby spinach 🌿 1 celery stalk
🌿 2 cups papaya
🌿2 lettuce leaves
🌿 1 frozen banana 🌿 water

Have a Fantabulous Day😘

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I’ve been a bit quiet, but I wanted to share this low sugar product with you that I’m using in this week’s #mealprep.
@NaturAlmond’s all natural honey roasted #almondbutter is the feature for this week’s #smoothie creation.
What I like about this is yumminess is the low sugar content of only 3grams per serving of 2 tbsp! There’s also 6grams of #protein and 3grams of #fiber.

I’ll add unsweetened vanilla almond milk to the handful of #kale, pinch of mealed #flaxseed, 1/2 tbsp of @NaturAlmond almond butter and 4 strawberries.

#Tryit as an alternative to traditional protein supplements which using are full sugar and other yuckiness. Let me know what you think.

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I’m on a roll!  I’ve made my vegetable fruit smoothie 5 days straight!  So, so happy.  It seems like its been almost two months that I’ve been buying my smoothie ingredients and then tossing them all at the end of the week. 

I’m feeling good!