Ok, here it is again. Came home tonight after work and read all my messages. Most of which were, in a nutshell, “this is the best juice I ever had”! And there’s a good reason for it. It is! Enjoy guys. Mama Dee 🌷 #creamsicle

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17/4/2015 - Friday in København

Before leaving Lund we picked up some Kanebullar for breakfast to leave Sweden on a sweet note before taking the train to Copenhagen!  We stopped at Urban House, the hostel Kyra was staying at, so she could drop off her suitcase.  Meredith came with us and we also met up with Kyra’s friend Hanna from USC.

We walked to Torvehallerne (the Glass Market), so of course I had to get a smoothie from Vita Boost.  I also branched out and tried LêLê Báhn mì Daily which was Vietnamese.  It was good but really filling - I could only eat one of the rolls!

Next stop was Christianborgs Palace!  We went to the top to get an amazing view off the city.

We then continued on to Nyhavn!

Our friend Kate had told us about the outdoor trampolines built into the sidewalks near Nyhavn so we were on a mission to find them!  After some intense googling, I spotted the name of a cafe in the background of someone’s trampoline picture - “Cafe Malmø”, so we headed there and sure enough we found the trampolines!  This is definitely a hidden gem of Copenhagen - so much fun!

To end the night we walked to the meat packing district.  I hadn’t been there before, but it was definitely a more hipster area.  We ended up eating at a place called War Pigs (a bbq joint, although none of us could resist getting mac and cheese!), and afterwards Meredith and I headed back to Sweden!

April 17

• Greek yogurt and frozen raspberries
• coffee with soy milk

• egg with cheddar goat cheese and sriracha

• salad with green and red pepper, broccoli, tuna, dressing (wine vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice)

• smoothie (banana, cocoa powder, soy milk, protein powder)

• gf bagel, two egg whites, green peppers, hot peppers, a little light mayo

• 1 hour Blogilates April calendar

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