Pumpkin mask and pumpkin smoothie tonight preparing for midterms. Thee above recipe is a delicious pumpkin pudding, and it’s super easy to make!

The "Sweet" Life

A green smoothie bowl with flax seeds, chia seeds, and unsweetened shredded coconut

“Aunty Ema, you eat stuff I never even heard of before.”

My young relative leaned over and watched me mix flax seeds and chia seeds into my morning oatmeal, a bit perplexed by the tiny capsules. “Can you even taste them?” she asked. “They’re so small.”

“Not really,” I responded. “But I know what they do for me,…

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anonimo ha detto:

Cloud's Logic: If something catches fire in your apartment- state at it for a while before it starts burning your goggles- then scream at the fire to go out. ((It it doesn't jump in it and grab your goggles.))

Jinx logic: Go to make a smoothie, burn the house down.

anonimo ha detto:

Hey Sahar! So recently my dad bought flax seeds for the first time. I know you an put it in almost everything breakfast/smoothie.. But could you suggest some oatmeal recipes to make with flax? And how much should I use? Xxx

hey babe flax seeds are a great source of good fats you can really put in anything, so sprinkle them on top of your oats or you can make a healthy pizza base with it! I would use around 1-2 tablespoons as you only need  small amount to give you just the right amount of fats :)

Its good in pancakes too, you don’t need to grease the pan! xx

Coagulated blood smoothie.

Blitz 1 raw beetroot with a smashed garlic clove + rub 2/3 inside a wine glass. Blend 1 orange with 1 cup of frozen raspberries along with the rest of the beetroot mix then pour into the wine glass.

The earthy beetroot + the grit from the berries make this very unpleasant to drink. A little trick to knock the sparkle out of the vampires that crashed your party.

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I’ve actually only ever seen canned strawberries once in my life and been rather disgusted by the thought (THE TEXTURE..), which is probably why they aren’t really a thing here.

thelastofinfamous replied 

Canned strawberries is a thing???? That sounds horrible. .ಠ_ಠ

Haha Oh my I feel I have insulted strawberry sensibilities :P 

I wouldn’t eat them straight out of the can that’s for sure but for adding strawberry flavour when out of season to smoothies and porridge they’re pretty tasty! Though they kind of look like a half finished drawing of a strawberry- it looks like strawberry but lacks the colour and size of fresh ones.  

Then again I have the same reaction to canned potatoes: Looks horrible!!

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that time i wasn't a total lazy piece of shit

today i ended up working 5 hours at the non-profit firm compiling data and even though i’m temporarily cross-eyed, at least i feel better for having accomplished something that’s somewhat meaningful.

sew, since i’ve the luxury of werking minimal part-time hours for the next two months to exploit my EI to figure things out, i think i’m going to take up volunteering again. i actually signed up with this non-profit back in spring, but barely logged any hours due to retail shift work :( LAME-O but the volunteer coordinator was super super understanding about it and was more than happy to take me on as an office volunteer, which i actually prefer over going out and manning booths at random locations (basically this non-profit firm specializes in liaising for and between other non-profit organizations in the city, as well as doing outreach on their behalf at special events).

other life updates:

  • came home to another kale smoothie waiting for me… this time with extra EXTRA ginger <3
  • there’s an french bakery opening up less than a block away from my house! also, i noticed a halal symbol on the cafe’s signage, and i think the owners might be franco-lebanese, like the barber who owns the shop right in front of them! i’m so excited! i’m not usually one for pastries, but even when i am in the mood it’s such a pain in the ass to bus down to god knows where for a $3 macaroon served by a sacharine group of hipsters :s but this time i’ll be supporting the first generation community in my neighborhood and i’ll get a chance to try authentic diasporic french food