I added 1/4 cup of coconut flakes to my usual orange and mango smoothie this morning. SO good 👅 I definitely recommend it!

Last lunch in Israel at the Shuk 😩#gatit #lax2tlv #taglit #israel #israelexperts #birthrightisrael #taglitbirthright #travel #friends #instatravel #tourist #vacation #getaway #traveling #trip #jetsetter #view #holiday #fun #igtravel #travelpics #passportready #instavacation #wanderlust #picstitch #lunch #smoothie #vegan

Today’s smoothie… Cantaloupe, blueberries, cherries, avocado, chia seeds, green vibrance powder, coconut milk yogurt and cashew butter with pumpkin seeds and cashews on top! 😜 #mikejuiceseverythingaroundyou #nepal #smoothies #smoothielife #eatpurple #mikeschreiber #photography #film #analoglife #travel #asia #health #healthyeating #filmphotography

Current Diet Plan


Total Lean Shake Chocolate Fudge

ABC Juice/Berry Smoothie


Low carb and Medium Protein meal with Vegetables (Steamed or Stir Fried)

Dessert- Whole Fruits

Dinner- Salad (Preferably Kale Salad)

Szpinak, gruszka, mleko sojowe, miód daktylowy, pistacje. | Spinach, pear, soymilk, date honey, pistachios.

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1: What eye color do you find sexiest? - Blue :) Or green
2: White, milk, or dark chocolate mocha? - Milk.
3: If you could get a Sharpie tattoo on your back, what would it be? - Rose… maybe :)
4: Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it? - Big. Yes.
5: Your favorite adult as a child? (and not your parents, if they were your favorite) - My cousin :)
6: What kind of smoothie sounds really good right now? - Strawberry…
7: Most embarrassing moment from your elementary school years? - Oh, I can’t remember.
8: Most embarrassing moment from your middle school years? - Same.
9: Most embarrassing moment from your high school years? - My class was a disaster. I wasn’t :)
10: Pirates or ninjas? Why? - Pirates. Because they sound awesome :)
11: Have you ever climbed a tree more than twenty feet off the ground? - Amm… I guess no.
12: Did you like swinging as a child? Do you still get excited when you see a swing set? - Yeeees!
13: If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get? - A dog or a cat ;)
14: What’s your most favorite part of your body? - My eyes, hair…
15: What’s your most favorite part of your personality? - Sense of humour, sensitivity.
16: Madonna or Lady Gaga? Neither? Both? Who cares? - Madonna.
17: Have you ever watched the Superbowl all the way through? - No.
18: Have you ever watched any major sporting event drunk? - No :)
19: What’s the most delicious food you’ve ever eaten in your life? - Sushi and pizza :)
20: Margarine or butter? Which did you grow up with? - Margarine.
21: Whole, skim, 1%, or 2% milk? (Did you know they make 1 1/2% milk?) - I don’t know.
22: Which continents have you been on? - None. Just Europe.
23: Do you get motion sickness? Any horror stories? - How about NO.
24: Backpacks or satchels? - Satchel.
25: Would you wear a rainbow jacket? A neon yellow sweater? Checkered pants? - Jacket - no; sweater - maybe; pants - yes.
26: What was your favorite cartoon growing up? - Tom and Jerry :)
27: If you had to have a cow or a pig, which would you take? Why? - Pig. Because it’s smaller.
28: If you had to look at one city skyline for the rest of your life, which would it be? - My city :)
29: Longest plane ride you’ve ever been on? - I’ve never traveled by plane.
30: The latest you’ve ever slept? - I guess.. 5 am.
31: Would you buy a sweater covered in kitten pictures? Would you wear it if someone gave it you for free? - Yes.
32: Do you pick at scabs? - Yes.
33: Favorite kind of bean? Kidney? Black? Pinto? - I don’t know.
34: How far can you throw a baseball? - Not far away…
35: If you had to move to another country, where would you move? - Anywhere in Europe :) Or to America.
36: Have you ever eaten Ethiopian food? Vietnamese? Korean? Nepalese? How was it? - No.
37: Small, liberal arts school or public university? Why? - Public university. Now I’m there :)
38: A relationship with love or one with sex? - With love.
39: Do you eat enough vegetables? - I don’t think so…
40: Do you like horror movies? How about thrillers? - Not really. Thrillers I like more.
41: Would you scratch a crotch itch in public? - No.
42: Do you swear in front of your parents? - Yes.
43: Coolest thing you’ve ever been for Halloween? - My university’s group party :)
44: If you could change your natural hair color, would you? To what? - No. I wouldn’t.
45: Do you want to get married? Have kids? - Yes. Of course :)
46: Do you use a reusable water bottle? If not, you should. - Yeah, I know…
47: City or nature person? - Nature person.
48: Have you ever used something other than “makeup” as makeup? (Like paint? Markers?) - No.
49: Can you walk well in high heels? Even if you’re a guy? - No, I can’t walk in high heels well. And I’m girl :(
50: Post 5 awesome things about yourself. - 1. I’m Swiftie; 2. I really have a good sense of humour (I think so); 3. I don’t straighten my hair even if they are curly; 4. I’m a great listener; 5. I just want to be loved.

unfaramir ha preguntado:

fave colour: purple

fave number: 4!!!!!

favourite member of the marvel cinematic universe: OH GOD do XMEN count. if yes Professor X if no CAPTAIN AMERICA
favourite drink: strawbanana smoothie, anything fruity
r u into hugs? Yes very 

are you a feminist? YES VERY

who is ur favourite member of one direction?: HARRY I love you

i announce you squad as fuck n dub thee princess of the winter. Though seen as a harsh season- it’s actually the best season for snuggles, for spending time with your friends and family. Winter tests you- it helps you define your place in the world by asking you- who truly matters? it encourages you to have strength, and nothing looks more magic than a world blanketed in snow.

(also yes of course xmen count in the MCU my friend Charles Xavier it is!)

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Name: not really comfortable saying 
Nickname: merp 
Birthday: 11/27
Gender: Female 
Sexual identity: idk bi or something 
Favorite color: red
Time/Date Current: December 28, 2014 6:19AM
Average hours of sleep: what is sleep? ~ like 6-12 usually. 
Lucky number: none 
Last thing I googled: probably porn 
First word that comes to mind: popcorn
One place that makes me happy: idk like T’s arms or something. The grocery store too
How many blankets I sleep under: 1
Favorite fictional character: fuck idk
Favorite Book: mind blanked 
TV Show: Big Bang theory 
Favorite Beverage: Orange pop 
Favorite food: smoothies. Does that count 
Last Movie I Saw In Theater: mocking jay but we left early cause it sucks. 
Dream Holiday: what 
Dream Wedding: in October, it’s foggy, lightly raining… Light green bridesmaid dresses, pretty leaves in all the pictures. With T of course 
Dream Job: midwife. Or professional mommy.