Pure Wholefoods situated in Darley rd manly, lives up to its name offering customers a wide variety of delicious organic food to enjoy.
Open for breakfast (all day) and lunch, the menu is extensive and includes a wonderful display cabinet where salads and light meals such as brown rice, lentil patties and nori rolls are on show. There is also a display of beautiful desserts including raw vegan cheesecakes, raw vegan tiramisu, raw vegan caramel slices and other such treats like bliss balls are available.
Definitely one of my favourite food destinations!

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5sos, nirvana, Beyoncé, fall out boy, all time low, the griswolds, and hey violet
6: Favorite drink?
Water and smoothies

Found this colossal Dino Kale today at the U-pick farm in Kula… I couldn’t resist taking a ridiculous veggie selfie😜
Shopping for my smoothie booth for the Earth Day Fest tomorrow is so much fun, especially when I get to literally pick the best, organic, most fresh ingredients possible… And for a huge mana bag full it was only $6!! Next trip up there will be dedicated to Kale Chips for sure. #mauibeesfarm

Sunday breakfast is a Snickers smoothie and some raw vegan Snickers ice cream bars, yummy! 😍 Recipe for the raw Snickers ice cream bars is coming up later, here’s the smoothie recipe:

2 bananas (frozen for #nicecream)
½ lbs (200 g) of deseeded dates
½ cup (1 dl) cashew milk
1-2 tbsp peanut butter
⭐️ mix all the ingredients in a powerful blender and enjoy. My smoothie is topped with some awesome raw caramel slice chunks, errrrmegerrrd I think I just went to vegan heaven. 😇 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫
Sunnuntain aamupalaksi Snickers-smoothie:
2 banaania
200 g taateleita (kivettömiä)
1 dl kasvimaitoa (esim cashew)
1-2 rkl maapähkinävoita
⭐️ Lauta kuoritut banaanit muiden ainesten kanssa blenderiin ja soseuta seos pehmeäksi. Koristele esimerkiksi raakasuklaapatukan palasilla ja nauti hymyillen. 💗

Dahil recommended ni Kuya Jonas na huwag umalis ng Baguio ng hindi kumakain sa Cafe by The Ruins, kahit wala na sa budget, tinikman namin ang kanilang Thai chicken at bestseller nilang Baguio bagnet. Masarap kahit yung maalat na isdang dulong at maasim na sinigang soup, pati yung smoothie lassi nila. Can’t wait for their strawberry shortcake. 🍰🍹🍱
#firsttimersabaguio #boomtaba #sarap #broke #basag #perobusog #hulinghirit (at Cafe By The Ruins)

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I want to feel better with myself. that’s not gonna mean smoothies or juice cleanses or a really nice boyfriend or jesus or a 4.0 or jumping high or volunteering or whatever people tell me have made them happy in life. It’s gonna be much more challenging than that. It’s gonna be the hardest thing. No ones gonna see it or praise it and no one can help me. If it means feeling bad and even more alone than I already do to get better it’s just what im gonna have to do. I need to stop letting people treat me like shit and stop treating myself like shit. I have to stop giving benefits of the doubt. I have to stop beating myself up.