Watch Fargo (the series) right now. On episode 7 and having so many feelings. Mainly: 

  • MOLLY YOU ARE MY HERO I LOVE YOU. Marge Gunderson is one of my favorite ladies ever and I’m so glad they’ve created a truly excellent female character for the series as well. 
  • GUS you are a smooshy baby and I also love you. I also love that both the show and film defy typical gender roles in a really subtle yet real way. Marge being heavily preggers and still tromping around solving foul murders while her sweet husband stays home cooking her eggs and painting pictures of ducks.Now Molly is the cop who LOVES being a cop and is fucking great at it while Gus confesses that all he wants is to be a friendly neighborhood mailman. YES. 
  • LESTER NYGAARD YOU ARE A FUCKING PIECE OF TRASH I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE YOU. Also LOL at Martin Freeman with a Minnesota accent. 
  • LORNE you are a terrifying psycho and one of the best and worst villains I’ve ever seen

ETA: BAHHHHH how can there only be 50 minutes left??? I’m cry.