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diff anon, but hearing people's reactions to Oasis is hilarious. *smokes pocky stick* I remember the first time /I/ read Oasis...


I went like days without sleep just for an update and when it finished my soul just shriveled up. It took me days to recover~

My Suicide

The charcoal
warms in her car
The carbon monoxide
Latches unto her blood cells
She finishes the last drop of “poison.”
What her mom would call alcohol
She smokes her last “cancer stick.”
What her dad would call a cigarette
As she listens to “Asleep” by the smiths
Her eyes close peacefully
To never open again.

Copyright © 2014 by Kathryn Kennedy

Look at this incredible incense stick’s smoke & the light shining through like a rainbow #ArtInstallation

   It was lit with a lighter. Many would just roll their eyes at Droog, but a match just kept the freshness of the cigar so much better. No chemical burns, no gasoline to tint the taste. He would have to have a word with this individual on the finer ways of smoking. With his cue stick firmly pressed to their head.

I can’t help but find the way smoke dances beautiful; the way it swirls and thins out until its nothing; the way people form beautiful shapes with their mouths. My most vivid memories of my father are the ones watching him make the smoke dance, sticking to our clothes and filling the space in his heart where I should have been.

I think I’ve already lost myself. I’m not afraid, not sad, but hopeful. I see a bright future in this dark gloomy Oakland sky. As I smoke this cancer stick and sip this herbal tea, I wonder. What does the future hold for me. What is in store for next month, next week.. When I get up from this fucking porch..

Once you’ve reached the bottom the only way to go is up; buy have I reached my bottom? Damn..


     The dull scent of cigarette
     smoke burned nonexistent
     nostrils. The Tall Man found 
     the awful smell very unpleasant. 
     He had no idea why humans
     smoked those repugnant death
     sticks. Lanky limbs stalked expertly
     through the trees, following the foul
     smell. Spotting the smoking figure,
     the Slenderman approached them.

          “You are  t a i n t i n g  the air with that revolting odor.”

so i was just checking dragon prices and someone was selling a pair of imp hatchlings for 1 gem each

i managed to nab one of them and now i’m in love help


the plan is to grow him up good and strong and stick smoke on him. this is what he’ll look like when all is said and done



Stuffed Mushrooms

~1.5 lbs whole mushrooms (crimini or button), washed, stems removed and diced (the stems are diced, not the caps, obvs)
~6 cloves garlic, diced
~1/3 cup bread crumbs
~4 oz sharp cheddar, shredded
~4 oz parmesan, shredded
~6 oz cream cheese
~1/2 tsp Black Pepper
~1/2 tsp Cayenne
~1/2 tsp Onion Powder
~1/2 tsp Berbere
~1/2 tsp Smoked Paprika
~3/4 stick of butter

-Preheat oven to 350

-Heat a skillet over medium heat, and toss a tablespoon or so of butter in to heat up

-Fry the mushroom stems and garlic in the butter, continuously adding more butter as it melts and the mushrooms absorb it, until you have a pan full of mushroom butter. I used about 3/4 of a stick in small chunks. 

-When the garlic looks cooked but not burnt, pour the resulting garlic-butter-mushroom mixture into a bowl, and stir in the cheeses, bread crumbs, and spices in that order. Stir the whole thing until it’s thick and homogenous

-(At this stage you can refrigerate the whole thing and come back to it, if you so desire. Toss the mushroom caps in a brown paper bag (this is the best option for reasons) , and cover the bowl of filling with some cling wrap, toss both containers in the fridge, and everything should keep for a day or two)

-Arrange the mushroom caps opening-up on a baking sheet, and spoon in as much of the mixture as you can cram in to each one. Optionally, sprinkle more shredded cheese and breadcrumbs on top of each one once they’re filled. 

-Bake for 20 minutes


Light Sounds Dark


Unauthorised and unofficial, the Light Sounds Dark label curates forgotten sounds from decades past. Ranking much higher than your average bootleg label, the superior sleeve art and error-ridden track-listings never give up their secrets willingly.


Masonic symbols are wild on the logo, even the sleeves of the arms feature a capital ‘M’. What this has to do with the price of fish I’m not sure.


I first became aware of the label when visiting the much-missed Rounder Records shop in Brighton around 2009. The above compilation looked ‘weird’ and just the sort of thing I go for. Not that I’ve ever smoked a ‘sherm stick’ (foul drug born of desperation, cigarettes dipped in formaldehyde or, more usually, PCP or Angel Dust). For some reason that I still haven’t fathomed I bought both this and the follow-up as downloads and not on vinyl - which is a pity as they’re very hard to find now.


The two ‘Sherm’ compilations range far and wide from oddball’ 70s funk and cod-reggae through bubblegum psychedelia, throwaway b-side strangeness (you know, the side where the band could really ‘express themselves’) and European no-wave oddities.


Mostly, but not exclusively by any means, the LSD catalogue mines forgotten treasure buried in 1980s cassette-only releases. Bedroom synth exponents and Belgian cold-wave ‘bands’ entertain with their strange, muffled, lo-fi experiments. One-finger pulse-beat over tin-can drum machine. If you’ve heard the Minimal Wave Tapes and Cold Wave comps put out over the past few years by Stones Throw and Angular you’ll know the territory - but in my opinion the Light Sounds Dark crew have a better ear by far.


The above two compilations come highly recommended featuring extremely listenable and inventive music. No sleeve notes, just a track-listing (quite often wrong). Listening through to the selections it’s possible to imagine that they were all recorded by one mighty meta-band.


The latest emanation from the LSD stable is this three LP monolith. Inscrutable gatefold mirrored sleeve housing six sides (two clear vinyl/ one black disc) of unnamed bands and untitled tracks (possibly to avoid copyright infringement, who knows?) Sold out in the blink of an eye with reports of only 200 or 300 pressed. I’m guessing that most of it is cassette-only releases from the ’80s but really - I’m not sure. The second clear disc veers off into spaced-out desert-scape electro-ethno ‘jazz’ territory. Spare and minimal, it’s really gripping stuff. With 24 tracks on six sides… one has to ask… how much more of this kind of thing is still out there?