How many ideas of living exist nowadays?
Giving an answer can be straightforward and elaborate at the same time – as many as the number of people living on our planet. The number grows even larger if we start counting offices, working spaces or simply the desks many of us individualize. The particular and whole blends in together, recounting the fragments making up our personal stories; sharing information on how we live and what we surround ourselves with. How we perceive harmony and beauty in everyday life. What gives us energy and rhythm, making us feel good while keeping us company. Ultimately, discovering what materials and colours we love, the daily routines and habits which make us unique.
LIVING WITH is the new project by Discipline telling the story of inspiring individuals and their incredible lives, through the eyes of Paul Barbera, renowned interiors photographer.
Discipline is a young brand with a clear vision of what makes a house or a studio into a home, and wants to launch a new platform for sharing ideas and beautiful interiors with this project.

A Discipline interview to Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias

- What is your personal definition of “discipline”?

Discipline to us is about time. Disciplines past from one to another, learned and mastered. It’s about self-discipline and not compromising your beliefs. We feel it’s also about embracing other disciplines to enrich your own.

- What is your favourite natural material? Why?

It’s very difficult to pick just one natural material that’s our favourite because each has its own individual beauty and assets. We love cork for its warmth and workability, bamboo for its strength and abundance, leather for its enduring beauty and timber for its versatility and timelessness.

- What should be the aim of design today?

We feel that design today should encompass function, technology, relevance and sustainability together with beauty, endurance and soul. The best design is that which will be cherished and enjoyed in years to come as much as it is today.