Okay, listen up Dustin Hoffman. You need to make another movie with Maggie Smith. Now you can either direct her in it, star with her in it, or better yet, both. Now, get said film nominated for a shit load of awards and then drag her along to the award shows, because we know YOU could do it! She likes you! We’ve seen the red carpet pictures!

anonymous said:

Ha, ha ! Oh, thank you so much for the "Smithman" montage, I adore these pics ! I always wonder if they truly realised the impression they gave, on the last pic ! My God ! I wouldn't allow young children to see it, LOL ! To think that this very naughty girl was impeccably groomed yesterday to curtsy in front of HM the Queen !

I always suspected that Hoffman knew what they looked like, but I don’t think Maggie ever really knew what the hell he was going to do from one second to another. That said, they damn well looked married here: