Thanks to Raymond Madamba Photography, I was able to get some photos from Dragoncon! I’m only putting 2 up so far for the fact that my awesome Shooping King Justin is currently working on all(including these 2) in his creative project~ Hope you enjoy them! 


Nell Jones looking at her ”boyfriend” Eric BEALE / In 06X18 of NCIS LA

Kensi Blye looking at her “boyfriend” Marty DEEKS / In 06X14 of NCIS LA

it is ladies and gentlemen sparkling eyes of two loving and happy women, who need only the person who makes their bright eyes and such persons are appointed Eric BEALE and Marty DEEKS, thank you to them SINCERELY 

taiey asked:

Imagine Martha being Ursula's doctor and generally Martha providing medical care for... unusual patients. And Ursula not actually being stuck on that guy's desk, 'cause that was worrying.

Martha Jones strolled into the clinic in her clean scrubs, ready for her next patient. She’d taken care of all sorts, but even for her, Ursula was an unusual case. She was human, for a change, but she was also a bit of pavement. It wasn’t Martha’s job to judge, though, nor would she ever even consider doing so. No, it was her job to help her patients as best as she could, and that was what she loved most of all.

“Hello, Ursula,” she said, picking up a clipboard. “How are you feeling today?”

Ursula glanced up at Martha. She was propped up comfortably on a chair. 
“Oh, mostly the same,” she answered, calmly but with a slight tinge of regret. “It’s actually very peaceful. I’m just sick of being stuck in one place.”

“Well, glad we can help sort that out at least, then,” Martha replied. “So, do you want the wheelchair to be controlled by voice or by your eyes?”

“Can we try eye control?” Ursula asked. “Elton’s already set up most of the house to work by voice, and I don’t want to accidentally turn on the telly when I’m trying to move about.” 

Martha nodded. “Well then,” she began, motioning towards the doorway, “would you like to try it out now?” Her husband, Mickey Smith, pushed in a brand new wheelchair, state of the art and ready for use. It hadn’t been easy raising the funds to buy all the equipment she needed, but her UNIT connections had proved very helpful.

Ursula gasped. She’d known Martha was good, but she hadn’t expected her to work that quickly. “Yes,” she exclaimed happily. “Thank you, yes!”

Martha smiled as Mickey gently picked her up, showing Ursula the basic controls. Nothing ever made her quite as happy as the happiness of a patient. She’d always wanted to become a Doctor to help people, and now she was finally making that dream a reality.


Victims of police brutality… Art by Ashley A. Woods.

This is my submission for the APB - Artists Against Police Brutality book - with John Jennings and Bill Campbell. Please take the time to read about the victims in the subsequent posts.