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I have a horrible fear of not-Anoning and being judged for what I say but I've spent long enough Anoning you little 'thank you you're awesome' messages to say it in person. Thank you for your blog, it makes me feel special and I don't even know why but it fulfills some tiny little piece of me and I think that I'm not alone. ^_^ ;;


My dear, you are so sweet!!! Thank you!!!! Goodness, I love you ;0;

<3 <3 <3 <3

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Just wanted to say that I'm super-impressed by the way you care so much about your fans. First, that business with Eve, now you're advising people away from the addiction some call cutting. It's amazing to see you in action; I used to care as much as you but I had to stop because it was just mentally and physically exhausting. So I'm glad there are some people out there like you, still. Just letting you know that you're appreciated.

Awe, thank you <3

I know what you mean about caring so much can take a toll on you, and I went through a phase not too long ago where I had actually told myself that I would stop caring so much. Because I’ve honestly been this way my whole life. It’s just in my nature to be such a sympathetic and caring person for other people, as I put myself in their shoes as much as I can when trying to help people. And when I told myself I would stop caring so much, I realized that I was robbing myself of who I really was. Not to mention, the feeling I get knowing that I’ve helped someone to feel better makes me feel… Well, it’s an indescribable high moment for me. The fact that I can make a difference in someone’s life is payment and thanks enough for me, and I can’t believe I ever tried to convince myself to stop caring. It’s tiring, but the end result is worth it.

There’s too much hatred, pain, and depression in the world, and if I’m in the position to try and do something about it, even if little by little, then I’ll do it. And I appreciate you sending such a sweet message, my dear. Just know I’m only doing what I can, and I only ask for you all to pass it on. No thanks, no awards, just keep being strong and showing others that there’s always hope <3

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You're complaining about 20 followers? Yep, okay. Gimme some. GIMME.

Ohh, no! Definitely not complaining! I’m just a little terrified because it’s bringing me closer to my next hundred, and I just feel so useless every time I hit my next hundred. Cause I wanna do something special to thank you all, BUT I JUST. I DON’T. WHUT DO.

And okies~!!! HAVE SOME

-Throws some at you-