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1. Viv or Vivs
2. brown
3. brown
4. I live in California about 2 hours away from Nash😎
5. black
6. mall😂😂
7. lauren elizabeth (youtuber)
8. doggies🐶
9. sweater weather (I know I know it’s too mainstream but I would love it anyway even if it wasn’t on those popular radio stations lololol)
10. harry potter (all of them😝)

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1. Kayo-Hot Chocolate or Kay

2. Brown like poo

3. Brown with blond highlights

4. I’ve never broken a bone.

5. Blue

6. Disney World, Tennessee or my grandparents house (both sides)

7. Jennifer Lawrence or Ellen DeGeneres

8. Dogs or dolphins

9. Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

10. Umm too many to name so TFIOS, Because of Anya or Shiver series

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1. Do you play any sportugals (sports but I call them sportugals)
Aha no I’m not active but I used to do athletics so there’s that

2. How old are you
Im 14

3. Who is your favourite
Ashton, no Luke, No Calum, no Michael, screw this all of them

4. Do you have an accent
According to my friends I do

5. Where are you from
Australia m8

6. What is your nationality

7. Can you sing or dance
No, but I apparently look like a dancer, how? idk

8. Do you like paramore
They have good songs

9. Whats your favorite genre of music

10. Are you still in pajamas

11. When and why did you start tumblr

Ive had tumblr for 2 years, but I only made this account a few months ago and to let out my fangirling needs :’)

My Questions

1. When is your birthday? 

2. Who is your favourite band/singer?

3. How man siblings do you have?

4. What is your favourite thing to order a maccas?

5. Do you have good or bad grade?

6. What’s your name?

7. Android or iphone?

8. Do you speak any language other than English?

9. Where are you from?

10. Any secret talents?

11. Have you been overseas? Where?

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1. Would you ever get a tattoo? If so, where would you get it?

I’d get one but I’m not sure where..

2. Do you prefer Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran?

Ed, no doubt

3. Do you read/write fanfiction?

I read it but i can’t write for shit

4. How long have you had your tumblr account?

heck i don’t know

5. Do you prefer reading or listening to music?

listening to music!

6. Brad Simpson or Luke Hemmings?


7. Have you seen your favourites perform live?

yes omg

8. How old are you?


9. Do you prefer internet friends or real life friends?

hmm probably real life friends

10. Chocolate milkshake or strawberry milkshake?


11. How many hours each day do you spend on tumblr?

like all of them

1. pizza or pasta? pasta
2. are you taller than your favorite member of your favorite band?  nope
3. what grade are you in?  i dropped out oops
4. favorite super hero movie?  iron man
5. which character in Mario Kart do you always choose?  toad
6. most memorable concert?  one direction/5sos wwa
7. why did you make a tumblr?  why not
8. have you met your favorite? If not, what would you say if you did?  nope but I’d probably pass out
9. which do you like better: movies or tv shows?  tv shows
10. night owl or morning person?  night owl
11. have you been to another country? if yes, which one? 


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I can’t come up with 11 questions oops

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