In order to help keep track of all the lustful thoughts that Metro readers seem to have for people who look like other people (and believe me, there are quite a few), we here at Pointless Letters HQ are proud to unveil our latest innovation for you, the reader! Folks, we present to you, the Pointless Letters WALL OF LUST!

That’s right! All your lustful Metro lookalikey loves and heart-throbs, all gathered together in one nethers-tingling wall! You’re welcome, everyone!

(note: includes some giraffe)

How do you show yourself love?

Tomorrow starts the ‘Month of love’, so let’s start by loving ourselves. Compliment yourself in the mirror, cook your favourite meal, wear your favourite clothes, listen to your favourite music, watch your favourite movie, buy something you’ve been wanting for a long time.. Whatever it is, spoil yourself!

Or you can help someone else.. Someone you feel needs cheering up! As long as it makes you happy.

Tomorrow I’m going to read through and analyse the answers I got from the Q&A (thank you for the feedback & the qs to ans about myself.) Please continue to send suggestions, as I’m here to help you guys and every opinion matters.

I’m also going to order myself Turkish takeaway and eat it as I read your lovely suggestions. Yum ^_^

Have a happy Sunday!

hs!au where Cas is the quiet, uptight sophmore who’s president of the Bible Club, always wears sweater vests, and takes everything in with wide, blue eyes, curious as a cat’s.

One night his sister Anna tells him she’s taking him for ice cream, but instead she takes him to a party where he ends up eating loaded brownies and getting baked enough to finally tell Dean Winchester, the cute, senior, soccer player with the freckles, just how cute Cas thinks Dean’s butt is. They end up making out in a closet.

At the end of the night Dean takes Cas home (Anna was last seen leaving with her crush Ruby) and walking him to his doorstep, leaving Cas with a kiss on the forehead and Dean’s phone number tucked safely in the pocket of Cas’ jacket.