“About a year ago, for the VMA’s, everyone was looking at me, and everyone was talking about what I had done the year before. I just thought, it’s such this opportunity, that people are going to look for what am I going to do this time. And if I’m going to have all that attention, what do I actually want to say? What do people need to hear? There’s enough people that go on stage and go and shake your ass – what am I gonna do? What am I gonna do when that camera starts looking at me? I wanted to start with young people in LA, and as the year went on, there’d been tragic stories of young transgendered people — everywhere, really. The more I started realizing how woven into homelessness it was, and how people, these young kids, end up on the street in the first place — I started thinking a lot about acceptance, and how this movement has to happen. We have to evolve. It’s inevitable. We have to keep going. I kind of always imagined this as like cavemen being fine with fire, and so we just say, like, fuck electricity. That’s a crazy concept, and we would be fucked if that would have happened. That’s how I feel. It’s barbaric.” - Miley Cyrus