Double Ashton + his smile = chest pains.

dancerforlife14: Can life not get any better! Met Harry today. He was soooooooooooooooooo……. nice. Got 3 hugs from him, signed my phone case, and took selfies with me. Aston waved at me while riding a bike. Oh and I am seeing the shown again tomorrow as H’s (Harry Styles) guest. Yup, I am one of the fee people with VIP passes and on a guest list. All i need now is to get my call from Legere for the Nutcracker cast and I am good. Thank you so much for taking the time to come out and meet me. It really made my day.

we laughed at his chipped front teeth,
at his chapped lower lip, we laughed
at his crooked smile until he forgot how
to. what we didn’t know was how his dad

beat him up at night. he was eleven,
with a drunkard for a father and a
missing person for a mother. their
house wasn’t the creaking kind of

house. but at past midnight, the
floorboards screech at his weight
like little woodland creatures
caught in a bear trap and we’ll

never know what, because it’s
nothing but blood and bones
when we get there. it’s always too
late. and it’s not so funny after all.