Need more active blogs to follow!

I’m unfollowing a bunch of inactive blogs and need new blogs to follow. Like if you post/reblog:
-Hello! Project
-Hey! Say! JUMP
-Johnny’s West
-Bakaleya6/Six Tones
-Basically any Johnny’s
-Anything Kawaii
-Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
-One Direction
-Little Mix
-Pastel colors

And I’ll check you out!

“By some possibility there might be some people who feel like S/mileage is getting left behind these days, but the members have absolutely no impatience. Now, we as individuals have a ton of confidence. I believe that the current six members are the greatest. So I don’t feel any concern, and I want to continue on this path” - Wada Ayaka

Happy 4th Anniversary S/mileage! Thank you for always keeping your smile when times get tough and for making people’s days brighter! I hope the best for your futures! Good luck on your Nippon Budokan concert! 

Keep your smile!