Hey guys Now i am posting this picture because it is in fact #BlackOutDay And i have been reblogging alot of #BlackOut pictures today and i was a little skeptical of posting this picture of me because i don’t really post pictures a lot, So with me posting this one it has taken a lot of courage, I see all of these beautiful black women & men all down my feed and i feel a little intimidated i think to myself and i am like “Why are they so beautiful, How? Why am i not as beautiful as them” So that’s really why i dont post alot of pictures But i will post some on this day. I Realized that everybody is ugly to somebody and i know that this picture i posted that It might seem “Pretty good,” to me but to others i might seem “Ugly, I might have a lopsided eye i might have Bags my smile my not be as big and perfect as others” But to me i look great in this photo No this isn’t what i currently look like now because i took this picture a few months ago But i wanted to participate i wanted other people of my ethnicity to feel like it was okay to post a picture even if some might not like it or you look a little off.

And i know that you guys won’t send me mean messages (Well i hope not lol ) But I know you guys will support me and back me up because "All Black Is Beautiful" We shine bright on this day But most importantly WE SHINE BRIGHT EVERYDAY. So if you guys read this whole message then thank you and if you guys like or reblog this picture then thank you for listening. AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE