So if you were wondering how great my brother was....

Today our family friend came over for dinner and brought pizzas and a few salads, one of which was a sliced beet salad. I was taking my plate to the sink and then walked over to the beet salad box, which only had one beet slice left in it. I cut it in half, ate the first half and then as I was getting ready to eat the second half he reached down and picked it up. He then proceeded to tell me that he didn’t even really like beets. Thanks, Elliott. 

jhiubdbskns DYING

i may be being overly dramatic and it’s all my fault but dissertation panic is making me want to seriously hurt myself so no one notices how badly i fail my degree :S

and it’s making me be almost non-existant on tumblr = my brief appearances


are like this

so yeah as much as i want to be on here and make something pretty (xena stuff me thinks) and cry because of Glee and Faberry feelings i can’t be damn it!!

Someone do it all for me?


anonymous asked:

Hey, I wanna hear you freestyle rap a diss at the haters

Ok here it goes:
Bitches talking shit like they know me,
Someone pass me a gun so amma blow their heads off,
Calling yourselves original whereas y’all just mere ripoffs
That’s why I call y’all smellos,
Yes you idiot fellows,
Calling yourselves gangsters;
Let’s see if you don’t get flushed down the gutters;
Just ‘cause I lipsynch, ain’t no mean I ain’t got talent or street cred,
I’m the undisputed Dark Prince whom ya bitches dread,
I hustle day and night whilst ya bitches continue to spit your shit,
Continue to speak shit and prepare to get hit

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No matter how good you are now, the truth is you are the shadiest little fuck on earth and are responsible for the shit your family,friends,Exo and also your colleagues go through on a daily basis.

*cackles madly* Oh nigga please sit ya fucking ass down and shut the fuck up. I mean, do ya know the full story of why my life sucks? No, then shut up. The only reason why I tend to do questionable things is because that is my own way of protecting others and also Yifan’s negative influence on me is another factor to consider. When someone sexually and physically abuses you for years, your damn mind would get screwed. I am not saying this to gain sympathy but rather, I need to drill some sense into ya head smello.

anonymous asked:

Don't mind those smellos. They aren't in the same category as you and aren't worth your energy or time so just ignore. Let dem bitches go fuck themselves

Why thanks anon