Halloween Season (and later, Smaugmas!)

I had a ball making Halloween cards; I am going to the post office today to mail them!

Of course, the next card-sending holiday is the season of Smaugmas.

The Twelve Days of Smaugmas begin on December 13 and next month I will be asking who’d like a card during the Smaugmas season. Smaugmas is a holiday to celebrate things that glitter; warm, toasty, fires; exciting journeys; and the wish that a sexy-voiced dragon will come down your cave (take that literally, or, erm, figuratively. *cough*)

spookyingthegoose said:

After receiving this you need to post five facts about yourself. Then pass it on to ten of your favorite followers!

  • I’m a music education at college
  • I’ve always wanted to become a professional singer
  • I’ve actually seen less Disney movies (and movies in general) than I care to admit
  • My eyes change color depending on the lighting
  • I’m from a small eastern European country called Bosnia & Herzegovina