hi so i have a social activism project and i need to get proof that 500 people have seen this poem by the end of the week and i’ll get 100% on this assignment, so if you could please reblog/like this post i will love you forever. this poem is about the pressure to be perfect, which is perpetuated by our peers, parents, and society in general. hope you like it! .x

Lorong pejalan kaki #SMATS belakang assmbly park..tiang merah kuning merupakan hasil tangan pelajar tahun 92 #SMATS. Nice, even only red and yellow….

consultingdrugaddict said:

✌ ❤

✌ - Drunk/drugged text

[Text to: 1908SH] i hope you know that i am the smat on and mummy oves me mor and also youll probably go bald whn your okd but i think i wikl have hair foever even though it is thinn a little now

❤ - A heartfelt text

[Text to: 1908SH] I do love you, brother dear. I wish you realised that.

i hate when people over exaggerate how smart i am

like i know you’re trying to make me feel better or whatever but it’s so fucking annoying i can’t stand it

people in my family keep telling me i got straight a’s in school but i fucking didnt i got straight c’s and when i tell them that they honestly argue with me over my own grades

like my whole family literally refuses to believe that i’m not some fucking genius who came top of my class and it really fucking hurts me and every time they mention it or call me brilliant i just want to cry because i’m the stupidest person i know and theyre pretty much calling me even more stupid by thinking i’m going to believe them

i guess i’m mostly upset because i literally never get compliments that arent just the people close to me lying to make me feel better and that makes me feel like there’s nothing good about me so they have to make shit up and lie to me because they can’t find anything that’s truly good about me

i just feel really fucking worthless right now

i dont have any trick this problem never happened to me srsly so i made a tutorial of how i make my gifs

1) the basic


2) the font is: calibri, 18, bold italic


3) convert it to smat object


4) tHE end


i just do this and they stay like this….


Prompter today announces the release and immediate availability of Prompter. Prompter is an iOS freeware photo application that efficiently and instantly allows you to save your photos to your default albums to keep your camera roll perfectly organised. Key features include pre-set default albums for instant album filing, picture validation, duplication of albums to other iOS devices via cloud settings, intuitive settings options to customise user profiles and more.

To make sure I didn’t lose anything in my horrible extended move to a new place, I counted all the doujinshi I physically own. I’ve bought more, but currently Infiny is holding them for me.

Re:union by Asgard, various pairings, R18 (I’ve actually bought this doujinshi twice but I lost the first copy in a move)

Lunatic, a Jin x Ragna anthology, R18

mimicry by nizimu/Me, Ragna/Jin, R18 (two words: butler porn)

Tonight, It’s a Nii-san Festival!!, Ragna x Jin anthology, R18

Taking Back Time, Ragna x age-regressed Jin in one part (drawn by Sherry) and Jin x age-regressed Ragna in the second part (drawn by KK), very very R18

Anomaly by smat. (better known as Tomato), Ragna x Jin, R18

Situation xxx Butler .ver by Ryokuchakoubou, Ragna x Jin, wow I own a doujinshi that isn’t for perverts

Two by nizimu/Me, Ragna x Jin, R18, MY FAVORITE RAGNA/JIN DOUJINSHI EVER

Griotte by nizimu/Me & BB02/kuroi noki, age-regressed Ragna x Jin, R18

Concha Agate by smat., Ragna x Jin, R18

Rain by smat., Ragna x Jin, R18

Unrequited Lovers’ Suicide by miyako, Ragna x Jin, death, this isn’t for perverts either

Ani-Inu Training Record Side: J by BB02, Jin x Ragna, R18

I want to see you whom I do not know by Mnemosyne, mild Ragna x Jin, not porn

wow I own three doujinshi that aren’t porn, truly amazing

I also own a nice paper bag that came with Two that I keep all my doujinshi in.

Doujinshi Infiny is holding for me: Love is a many-splendored thing, Drunken Sakura, Rondo with Puberty, Today I’ll be with Nii-san, possibly more? I don’t recall everything I’ve bought haha.

Lesson of the day: Kids, don’t get into buying doujinshi. You’ll end up a hoarder like me and blow way too much money on buying smutty comics you probably can’t even read.