I recently released my first pagan book! If you’d like to pick it up, it’s available on these sites right now:

It should be available elsewhere soon! You can also pick up this books as a paperback, here!

Learn to harness the magical power of the air, in your own way!

Most books concerning magic and the elements will lay out exactly how to call the elements or bend them to your will. This book is unique in that it will tell you the components you can use to create your own craft and call the elements in a way that is personal to you.

Viivi James will tell you of deities, and even pop culture icons, you can use to harness Air within your witchy workings.


With poems like “Strictly Blowjob” and “The Cancer of Believing You’re in Control,” acclaimed writer Corey Mesler’s THE SKY NEEDS MORE WORK adjoins sex, love and social connection in their many manifestations, from meditations on The Beatles, death, pharmacology, and infidelity, to “the holycow feeling/of just being human and/satisfied like a goddamn poem.”

Amazon USA, Canada and UK ; B&N USA ; Chapters Indigo Canada ; Kobo USA ; Smashwords ; Weightless (worldwide).

Interested in self-publishing your book?

As you guys know, my first book The Cherry on Top will be released this Tuesday!

In honor of that, I thought I’d offer up my experiences with the process. So, ask me questions! What are your concerns? What do you want to know about writing, formatting, editing a book? Do you have questions on how much advice to take from your beta readers? Questions on marketing? 

Or, maybe you have content questions. How to write a tasteful love scene or the different ways to describe a kiss!

For the next week, I am open and ready for questions. Better to ask me now that the process is still fresh in my head!

Just know that I will answer questions publicly, so that every one can see your questions, so follow the blog to be sure you get your answers. I will also tag people who use their username so that you’re sure to see my responses!

Favorite Fridays! My Favorite (and newly discovered ways) of getting books!


Favorite Ways to Get Books.

I love to read. I read more than the average person (I guess since people’s eyes bulge out of their head when I tell them I have read over 1,000 books). I have multiple ways that I legally get books, because I believe in supporting the book industry.

Public Libraries
Did you know that using OverDrive on you nook tablet, kindle tablet and Ipad, you can get ebooks and audiobooks for free from your local library?

Also, did you know that Adobe Digital Editions allows you to download from the library,netgalley, edelweiss, etc and put acsm files from your computer onto your ereader? Or just read on your computer. :-)

In Person:
Barnes & Noble- USA
Shakespeare and Co- Many places in the world.
Chapters (Indigo) -Canada
Waterstone -UK
Stores like: Duane Reade, Target, Rite Aid, CVS, Kmart, etc have book sections.

Find Local bookstores in your neck of the woods.
New Pages- Bookstores
Flavorwirre - Great American Indie Bookstores
Wikipedia has a list of bookstore Chains in about every country in the world.

Buying Books online:


Nook by Barnes & Noble
Sony Reader

You may have noticed no real mention of Amazon. Here is why. Amazon’s Deceleration of War on the Book Industry.

For more Bookphile one of my fave bloggers on tumblr posted War on Amazon: Alternate Ways to get cheaper Books awhile back and has more resources.

[exclusive cover made by Sam]


Some of you may know this but I am publishing an ebook with Smashwords.com and it’ll be officially released on July 21st but before that, I am announcing that there’ll be an advanced reading of the book beginning June 16th until about July 12th. People from tumblr are welcome to take part and read the advanced copy which will be FREE. 

This book is called A Worthy Adversary and it’s categorized as Young Adult Sci-fi/Fantasy. It’s basically about this 15-year-old guy named Jim Marks living in a society where superpowered humans -called metahumans- have been outed to the world. Jim himself is a meta but kind of doesn’t know what to do with his life until he’s offered a job at a metahuman vigilante group where he might have a purpose. After about a day there, there’s an announcement that the woman who outed the metahuman community, who was kind of a hero, was assassinated. Because Jim’s kind of a reckless teenager who’s still trying to find his place in the world, he breaks some rules and starts investigating the case. Through this, he realizes a conspiracy where he’s the center of it all and a long kept secret of his kind and even the world. 

Watch me talk about it here

Those interested in taking part, send me a message on tumblr (using this blog or my personal).

Hope to hear from you soon!

Map of the market for e-book authors—self publishing or not: eat it up & sell well.  From a recent review at smashwords:

….What to make of the results? How might authors and publishers focus their e-publishing efforts based on the data above? I think it boils down to the following:
Write a great book that resonates with readers and gives them something to talk about Target readers who are active in online communities because they influence their fellow readers […] Maximize the availability of your book so readers can randomly stumble across it and sample it Boring titles, unprofessional cover images and poorly written book descriptions are instant turn-offs

[read on]

go-for-whatever-makes-you-happy said:

Hey :) How did you became to an author ? Ehm did you study it or so ?


Well, I wrote a book over a couple years, finally got up enough nerve to let others read it, had positive feedback, did a lot of editing and published it on Smashwords. My book, Roamer, is on several sites now such as Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Flipkart, and Oyster.

I took several creative writing classes in high school and one in college, so those helped improve my writing.

If you are thinking of publishing yourself, I recommend Smashwords or Lulu! :)

I hope this answered your question!

The glory days of Ancient Greece are long gone, and the gods of the Old World are scattered across the globe. As their popularity dwindles, as their worshipers forget, their power fades. Luckily for Aphrodite, she’s a household name. After all, how could anyone ever forget the Greek goddess of Love?

Unfortunately, no one seems to know or care about her divinity. In a world of skeptics and technology-crazed mortals, loneliness and boredom have taken hold. Her life consists of romance advice columns, martini bars, and flings with empty-headed men—until she meets Loki.

She’s intrigued: it’s been decades—centuries even—since she laid eyes on another god, particularly one outside her pantheon. In their short time together, she realizes just how much she needs the companionship of one of her own. Loki, however, seems more interested in catching a murderous maenad than swapping stories about the old days.

Can she convince Loki to stay and make her life a little less lonely, or will he persuade her to join him on his quest for more worshipers? His questionable tactics make her uneasy, but how can she turn down the opportunity to live as she once did: freely, powerfully, and lustfully as Aphrodite of Olympus.


The Maenad of Manhattan, first book in the Lovers and Liars series, is officially available for your reading pleasure. It is currently free, and will be free until September 10th. After that, it will be available for $0.99 - $1.99 on various retailers.

For now, you can find it here, at Smashwords, with all e-reader options available. I downloaded it this morning and opened it up on my kindle, and it was super easy.

Are you on Goodreads? Cool! So is Maenad! It’d be awesome if you added it to ‘want to read’ lists if it’s something that floats your boat. If you read it and want to leave some feedback, you’re not only awesome, but there are lots of places to do it now that Goodreads has the book. If you do leave a review and you read my fanfiction, pay attention to September’s promo: your review can get you a personalized one-shot from any of my stories!

Thank you so much to all the amazing people who have reblogged my various promos over the last few weeks. You’ve all been so supportive and amazing, and I hope the book was worth the wait.

My New Book THIS IS THE END is Available NOW !
This Is The End, the story of Jeff Sorbenstein.

Yes folks, the time has finally come, my new book "This Is The End," is finally available through Smashwords for Kindle, epub and more. The “Official” kindle direct and print edition should be up or at least available within the next two or three days, but you can go get it now, as I’ve recently stated, through Smashwords. I will have more on the process, the book and everything else in a seperate blog post, but for now I’m just relieved the book is done, edited and of course for sale. It’s 5.00 dollars U.S. and whatever it may be in GBP and Euro.


Creative GSM Community!

So we’re near the winter holiday season! People are buying things! Members of the LGBTQIA community make things people buy! YAY!

In an effort to give our community a boost, we’re setting up a section, accessible at the top of the site menu, to help promote our community folks who do things. Whether it’s art, jewelry, clothing, writing, music, etc… if you create it, we’d like to give you a promo during the Holiday buying season. 

For anyone interested in participating, send us an email at submissions@therainbowhub.com along with the name you want to be listed under, as well as your online shop (Etsy, eBay, Smashwords, a personal blog… whatever you use) information and a photo/sample of your work to put up.

Signal boosting is always appreciated, and helps draw visitors to help our members out. 

WE CHARGE ABSOLUTELY NO REFERRAL FEES. This is our way of trying to give our community a boost in their creative endeavors.

Happy creating!